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E.S. Steele her Heart Rings

Dear Joe,

My wife and I are so glad we used Schubach Jewelers to design our wedding rings. We spent a significant amount of time looking at several rings and none seemed to be the right fit. After we discovered that Schubach provided custom design jewelry, we knew we had found the perfect place. Of course, the design is amazing and Joe paid attention to every detail. Now that the design part was finished, the ring had to be given at just the right moment.

My wife and I decided to have our wedding outdoors near her family’s farm. Knowing we were going to visit her family there, I decided it would be the right moment to ask her the big question. My wife, of course, had no idea.

Early the first morning, I got up, out of excitement and nervousness. I still needed to ask her parent’s permission and make sure everything was just right. Her parents, being the early birds they are, were already up and I asked permission. My wife was still sound asleep.

After talking to her parents, I went into my wife’s room and said it was time to get up, in a playful voice. As she was starting to rise, I began to say the words I had rehearsed so many times. “Being here at the place where we plan to get married…” I started “and knowing that you are the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with…”

I continued to say the words I had so badly wanted to say. Finally, I finished with the big question and she said, “Of course I will!” My wife was so sure and I was so excited to know that this was just the beginning of a life together.

– Eric Steele