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Engagement Rings for Under $1000

In case you haven’t heard, our economy hasn’t been doing so well. And I’ve heard several stories from couples who are delaying their marriage until finances are in a better place. That’s understandable; weddings are expensive. But guess what? Your engagement doesn’t have to be. We provide engagement rings at a price most couples can afford and on top of that, they’re gorgeous.

That’s because we’re a high-end jeweler (in Scottsdale, Arizona – if you’d like to visit our showroom) and we make sure any product we carry meets a strict standard, instilled in me from several generations of jewelers before me.

Getting married doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Couples are becoming increasingly pragmatic when it comes to their weddings. They want the perfect ring – but they also want to build a future. We can help you make a smart choice. Call us for more affordable options!

Check out this delicate piece below, for instance. If you choose moissanite as your stone (an increasingly popular, eco-friendly diamond simulant that possesses almost exactly the same qualities as natural diamonds. Read more about moissanite) and palladium as your metal, this ring could be on your love’s finger for under $700.

Petite Pave' Engagement Ring With Prong Set Round Side Stones From the Petite Pave' Collection.


Or how about this classic style? With moissanite and palladium as your gem and metal of choice, this ring could be yours for under $800.

Style 645M Classic Tiffany Style Round Moissanite Solitaire Round Tiffany style solitaire engagement ring with Charles and Colvard created moissanite.


If you want to check out more affordable choices, peruse our section of engagement rings. Or better yet, call us and tell us your price point and we’ll work with you from there.