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A Diamond Grill this Christmas?

Are your teeth not as dazzling as you’d like? Tired of wearing bling only on your ears, wrists and neck?

Or maybe you’re the type who wants to break away from the pack. An out of the box fashionista.

Well, here’s the perfect extreme holiday gift for you – a mouthful of diamonds! And no, we’re not talking about those cheesy inserts worn by some hip hop artists. We’re talking diamond teeth, baby!

For those who are aficianados of Kanye West’s permanent diamond “grill” replacing his bottom row of teeth, celebrity dentist Dr. Raymond Frye, aptly nicknamed Dr. Bling, can replicate the look with Swarovski crystals for a mere $5,000.

“That’s not the kind of bling we normally do,” Dr. Frye tells Fox 411. “But we can glue Swarovski on to people’s teeth. It’s not permanent, but if you’re careful with it can last for two years. It doesn’t hurt the teeth and it’s reversible.”

Dr. Frye offered celebrities attending the Grammys last year a $20,000 total mouth makeover. Stars including Kevin Federline’s ex Shar Jackson were flown first class up to Dr. Frye’s office in Portland, Oregon for the VIP treatment.

“Shar was really cute,” Dr. Frye said. “I asked her, ‘What do you want your teeth to look like?’ and she said, ‘I know this sounds really bad, but I want them to look like Britney Spears’!’ We gave Shar a very sexy smile. They were cute before, but now they’re sexy!”

In Kanye’s own words, “there’s just certain stuff that a rock star has to do.”