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Swarovski Building its Web Empire

Atelier Swarovski by Viktor&Rolf | Photo: Jason Lloyd Evans

Most people think crystal when they hear the name Swarovski. And rightfully so. The family reputation is built upon them. But most don’t realize the retail power this company carries in terms of jewelry:


According to Nadja Swarovski, the head of corporate communications and design services at crystals giant Swarovski, only two companies are ahead of it in jewellery sales: Cartier and Tiffany, both of which are in the fine jewellery space. “We’re certainly the largest in terms of the crystal jewellery element,” she confirms. “We have big goals in terms of the jewellery industry and our position in it.”

“In all areas, overall, we have the ambition to outperform the expanding jewellery market by a very few percent,” adds Markus Langes-Swarovski, head of Swarovski Professional and Daniel Swarovski tourism services GmbH, and great-great-grandson of Daniel Swarovski, who founded the Wattens, Austria-based company in 1895. But in a company the size of Swarovski, even a modest expansion will be significant in absolute numbers. The group saw revenues of over €3 billion (about $4 billion) for 2013, and there are 2,480 Swarovski-branded jewellery and accessories stores around the world.

Source: The New York Times