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Where are my Pearls?

Spring and pearls go together like champagne and strawberries.

Pearls add a touch of elegance, sophistication and old-world charm. They also blend flawlessly with so many outfits, from a silky black gown down to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

And pearls have poetic value:

Robert Frost

(1874–1963), U.S. poet.
“Going for Water.”

A note as from a single place,
A slender tinkling fall that made
Now drops that floated on the pool
pearls, and now a silver blade.

The other big perk with freshwater pearls? The price:

.5mm-9.5mm: Now $299
9.5mm-10.5mm: Now $399
10.5mm-11.5mm: Now $499

Single Strand Cultured Freshwater Pearls – 8.5mm – 11.5mm With Free Matching Earrings

Single strand cultured freshwater pearls, 17″ with 14kt yellow gold clasp and free matching earrings.
(each strand sold individually)