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  • “. . . . When I saw the ring and then tried it on I started crying. It is STUNNING and exactly what I wanted!. . . . .”

    Hi Jen. I left you a voicemail but wanted to send you a note also. My ring was delivered this morning. My hands were shaking as I opened the package. When I saw the ring and then tried it on I started crying. It is STUNNING and exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much Jen for all of the time and effort you put in to this. I appreciate it more than you know. I also want to thank you for making arrangements for me to get it today. . . . Thank you for making sure I got it before I have to leave. . . . .  Again, thank you for everything. Sincerely,

    D. W.

  • It’s all in the Cut

    The process of cutting and polishing gems is called gem-cutting (or lapidary). Gems are cut and polished by progressive abrasion using finer and finer grits of harder substances.

    Above is an example of how cutting affects a gemstone’s appearance. These are 3.5mm yellow sapphires prior to going into a bracelet. Stone #1, in addition to having better proportions, has a flower, or star pattern at the base/culet of the stone. The result is a much brighter looking stone.

    When it comes to gem-cutting, every facet counts. Let us take your custom design jewelry to the next level with our lapidary expertise.

  • The Perks of an Emerald Cut Gem

    Emerald (as well as Asscher cuts) are a class of diamond cuts known as “step cuts.”

    According to Wikipedia: Stones whose outlines are either square or rectangular and whose facets are rectilinear and arranged parallel to the girdle are known as step- or trap-cut stones.

    Among diamond shapes, only 3% are emerald cut, making them a particularly unique and distinctive.
    Some other perks to emerald cut gems?

    Emerald cut rings makes the gem appear larger. Since more of the gem’s surface area is exposed (on average, an emerald cut has a 5% greater surface area than a 1 carat round cut diamond, for instance), the top surface of an emerald cut diamond appear larger.

    Emerald cuts make fingers appear more slender. Because emerald cut diamonds are more elongated, they give the illusion of longer, more slender fingers.
    Emerald cuts are more affordable. (Yes, we saved the best for last!) Since they are a more unusual cut than princess-cut or round cut gems, they’re also in less demand and more cost efficient.
    If you’re interested in an emerald cut for your engagement ring, let us share with you our expertise in a variety of specialized gem cuts. Make your custom design as personal as your love!
  • Why Go with Rose Gold for your Engagement Ring?

    Rose gold has surged in popularity in the last few years. And its no surprise to us. There’s a warmth invitation to its hue that’s unmistakable and eye-catching. When it comes to engagement rings, it color often evokes feelings of love and romance (as opposed to the cooler shades of platinum, for instance).

    Other benefits of rose gold?

    Rose gold is a durable metal, more so than yellow or white gold.

    Rose gold is affordable.

    Rose gold complements just about all skin tones.

    Below, a rose gold oval engagement ring with a pave underbezel.

    One of the few drawbacks of rose gold? It’s not hypoallergenic so wouldn’t be an ideal choice for those with skin sensitivities.

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