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  • How to Make an Outfit look More Expensive

    Okay, the answer is jewelry! We couldn’t keep it in. But it’s no surprise to you, is it? Jewelry is afterall the icing on the cake and the cherry on top to any style!

    This quick and easy video provides some basic advice on how to jazz up the simplest of outfits (actually, it’s the simpler outfits that are most effectively dressed up).

    Hint: don’t be afraid to go big!

  • Charles and Colvard F1 Hearts and Arrow Moissanite

    Charles & Colvard’s new Forever One Hearts and Arrows cut, moissanite cut to diamond proportions. We think it’s absolutely gorgeous! This video shot outside in indirect lighting.

    Unedited studio video. You can see the arrows for a split second when the stone is directly facing the camera.

  • B.C. Three Stone Emerald Cut Anniversary Ring

    The power of three is universal and is often used to represent past, present and future; body, soul and spirit; birth, life, death; beginning, middle and end. So you can only imagine why three stones on an engagement ring can indicate so much!

    In the case of BC’s D Flawless Three Stone Emerald Cut Ring, the stones are emerald cut.

    What is an emerald cut exactly?

    An emerald cut is considered a “stepped” cut, originally developed for cutting emeralds, but now, equally suited to other stones, such as diamonds.

    An emerald cut with a square-looking profile (as opposed to a rectangular profile) is often referred to as an Asscher cut.

    Emerald cut diamonds create a hall-of-mirrors effect, with the dramatic interplay of dark and light planes.

    Emerald cut diamonds give an elegant, somewhat dramatic look to an engagement ring and have been seen on the hands of Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Angelina Jolie and Kate Hudson.

    So why bother with a custom made emerald cut engagement ring when you could walk out of a high-end jewelry store, box in hand?

    Because what’s in that box lasts a lifetime. Make it count by creating a truly unique piece where every detail is drawn from your love.


  • The Blake Lively Inspired Engagement Ring

    In 2012, Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds surprised the world when they got married (on the sly). Reynolds put a gorgeous 12-carat oval-cut diamond on Lively’s finger (allegedly valued at a cool $2 million).

    Our Lively-inspired ring is an oval pave halo custom made engagement ring with three rows of pavé diamonds that inspires celebrity levels ooh’s and ahh’s…and definitely not anywhere near $2 million!

    Do you have a celebrity ring that you love? Send us your images or links and talk to one of our extremely helpful staff members so we can turn your dream jewelry into a wearable reality!

  • M.W. Oval Blake Engagement Ring

  • Life is too short for boring jewelry!


    When it comes to jewelry, some of us can play it too safe. We become attached to certain go-to pieces without going outside of our comfort zone. And while those pieces may mean a lot, there are other pieces that are dying to be worn.

    And this doesn’t just apply to jewelry. When we frequently pick the “safe” route in life, we’re often denied the thrill of risk and adventure. We don’t explore our outer limits or truly spread our wings. Dullness and sameness prevails.

    But what if life were an outside-in approach? Meaning, what if you could dress up to the hilt with no concern in the world for the opinion of others and that vibrant, risk-taking vibe spilled into your daily life?

    We believe it does. What you wear can empower you. Dare to wear those pieces that are a little too bold…but beware: you might become a bit bolder because of it.

    Remember: life is too short to wear boring jewelry! 

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