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Fancy Yellow (Canary) Diamond Video

November 11, 2014

Here’s a video of three stunning GIA graded natural color fancy yellow diamonds. Which one is your favorite?

YouTube Preview Image

Simple Clothing and “Wow” Jewelry

November 11, 2014

The best part about jewelry is that it livens up just about any outfit. So the next time you’re in a pinch for time, watch this short video and revisit that jewelry box of yours. A simple and easy transformation awaits!


One Earring of Madonna’s Sells for $34,375

November 10, 2014


Julien’s Auctions said Saturday that bidders worldwide sought items from Madonna’s professional and personal life during the two-day Icons & Idols: Rock n’ Roll auction in Beverly Hills that started Friday.

The auction house says the gown and stole from her “Material Girl” video sold for $73,125, while the wedding dress the pop icon wore when she married Sean Penn in 1985 brought in $81,250.

Her jacket from “Desperately Seeking Susan” sold for a record $252,000 and one earring worn in the film fetched $34,375.

Other highlights include the gown from the film “Evita” — which sold for $15,000 — and her “A League of Their Own” uniform — which sold for $31,250.

Source: AP Press

Jewelry Made of Light, not Jewels

November 5, 2014

Futuristic jewelry makes us rethink our idea of fashion. Suddenly accessories serve a purpose other than to make us look good. Or in this case, uses light in place of jewels. Wow.



When is jewellery not jewellery? Why, when it’s made of light instead of jewels. However, just as jewels catch the eye by sparkling, Neclumi by Jakub Koźniewski and Piotr Barszczewski at Poland-based new media art and design collective PanGenerator catches attention by interacting with the wearer.

The wearable adornment in its current stage consists of a pico projector, attached to the wearer’s chest via their clothing, and a smartphone app, which connects to the projector via HDMI cable.

Source: CNET

November’s Fiery Gem – Topaz

November 4, 2014


Happy birthday, Scorpios! And congratulations on an amazing and mysterious gemstone: topaz.

Pure topaz is colorless and transparent but is usually tinted by impurities; typical topaz is wine, yellow, pale gray, reddish-orange, or blue brown. It can also be made white, pale green, blue, gold, pink (rare), reddish-yellow or opaque to transparent/translucent.

Orange topaz, also known as precious topaz, is the traditional November birthstone, the symbol of friendship, and the state gemstone of the US state of Utah.[5]

The name topaz comes from the Sanskrit and means fire.

Red and pink topaz gems were used in the jewelry of the 18th and 19th Century Russian Czarinas and is why topaz is sometimes called “Imperial Topaz”.

The most famous topaz is actually a colorless topaz that was originally thought to be a diamond. It is a 1680 carat stone known as the “Braganza Diamond” set in the Portuguese Crown Jewels. Another beautiful topaz is in the Green Vault in Dresden which has one of the world’s most important gem collections.


Folklore, Legend, and Healing Properties:

During the Middle Ages topaz was thought to heal both physical and mental disorders and prevent death.

The Greeks believed it had power to increase strength and to make its wearer invisible while the Romans believed it had power to improve eyesight. The Egyptians wore it as an amulet to protect them from injury.




Dramatic Statement Necklaces Leading the Way

November 3, 2014

Statement necklaces have been trending for…well, for years now. They don’t seem to dip in popularity.

It’s a practical fashion choice if you think about it. One piece of jewelry is enough to capture a room’s worth of attention.

These amazing shots from Gotham tell the story.


new york jewelry

Anthracite duchess dress, Zac Posen ($2,590). Bergdorf Goodman, 754 Fifth Ave., 212-753-7300. 18k white-gold, diamond, spinel, moonstone, and akoya pearls Perle de Rosee necklace ($696,000) and 18k white-gold, onyx, and diamond Camélia Sculpte ring ($170,000), Chanel. 15 E. 57th St., 212-355-5050. ON TRAY: Wide diamond bracelet set in platinum, Tiffany & Co. ($140,000). 727 Fifth Ave., 212-755-8000. 18k white-gold Limelight Garden Party cupcake inspiration ring ($59,000) and 18k white-gold with brilliant-cut diamonds Rose ring ($48,200), Piaget. 730 Fifth Ave., 212-246-5555. 18k white-gold and diamond Dentelle de Monogram necklace, Louis Vuitton (price on request). 611 Fifth Ave., 212-940-4635 Read more at

Jewelry New York

Dress, Emporio Armani ($1,265). 601 Madison Ave., 212-317-0800. Platinum 55.9-carat Qipao diamond choker (price on request); platinum, diamond, aquamarine, and sapphire Secret Wonder bracelet (price on request); and 18k yellow-gold and platinum, tsavorite, and diamond cluster earrings (price on request), Harry Winston. 718 Fifth Ave., 212-399-1000 Read more at

See more at Gotham!

“. . . . I love your company, and my rings!”

October 30, 2014

I just want to tell you that it has been a real pleasure working with you, and I love your company, and my rings!

Thanks again,

“. . . I think this might be a topper (don’t tell R! Haha!)”

October 29, 2014

I literally died when I saw her. I just got home and ran inside.
Literally outdone. And I didn’t think I could love anything as much as engagement but I think this might be a topper (don’t tell R! Haha!).
Unbelievably gorgeous. I LOVE the etching soooo much.

Please tell your team they out did themselves. It’s incredible!!

How to Fix a Broken Necklace Clasp

October 29, 2014

Admit it. You have one, maybe two, hanging out in your jewelry box. That necklace with the broken clasp, lonely and unworn. This simple video shows you how to fix it yourself. (Yes, you.)


YouTube Preview Image

The Opals of October

October 28, 2014

Even though October is nearing an end, we wanted to take a moment to focus on one the most magical gems: opals.

The name opal is derived from the Sanskrit word “upala,” as well as the Latin “opalus,” meaning “precious stone.” Opal is a gemstone of much variety; the ancient Roman natural historian Pliny once described it in the following way:

“… it is made up of the glories of the most precious stones. To describe it is a matter of inexpressive difficulty: There is in it the gentler fire of the ruby, the brilliant purple of the amethyst, the sea-green of the emerald, all shining together in an incredible union.”

Source: EarthSky





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