Spring/Summer 2015 Jewelry Trends

While it doesn’t completely feel like Spring yet, it’s exciting to see the jewelry trends of the upcoming seasons. Sort of like virtual flowers in a vase, brightening up the space. Which trend strikes your seasonal fancy?         Source: Vogue

Lionfish Jewelry Helps Economy and Environment in Belize

Nothing excites us more than when jewelry-making and a good cause combine. In this case, the invasive lionfish which threatens to destroy the waters of Belize because of its and ability to procreate at a rapid pace and eat with abandon. Read on. The tail of the lionfish is considered waste among fishermen, as it is not edible.  By using the tails of the lionfish for jewelry, each lionfish caught then gains 40 percent more monetary value. The upfront investment to produce jewelry requires […]

An Eyefull of Engagement Ring

Stumbled across this dazzler over coffee this morning. What a WOW. If you’re looking for an engagement ring to stop people in their tracks, we’ll happily custom design your blingiest piece. (We also do subdued as well ; )  

“Bulletproof” Necklace Saves Lives

We’ve discussed jewelry as a form of protection in historical times (to ward off evil and bring luck) but this story gives a whole new meaning to its magical properties. Janeice Frisbee of Humboldt, Tenn., was shot point-blank in the chest last week, and by all accounts, she survived because her necklace stopped the bullet. “No one can believe that bullet didn’t go through that necklace,” Frisbee told WMC Action News 5. The $45 Tree of Life necklace, made of sterling silver wire and small […]

“I might just print out a pic from the blog and paste it to my finger. “

OMG. I just DIED! So fantastic to see an idea come into being J    what do I need to do next! Good Golly!!  Picture one is so great  It took me a little too long to move on I feel like all  of the pics are wonderful!  WOW.  What do  you need from me NEXT J  I might  just  print out a pic from the blog and paste it to my finger.   Holy cow That is perfection! Thanks  SO MUCH!! K Note from Joe: […]

$40 Million Watch Unveiled at Baselworld

This timepiece is so dazzling, I had to put on my sunglasses while reading the article in JCK this morning. Seriously, have you ever seen such an ornately detailed, dazzling watch? Probably not. Since its one of a kind…and there’s the matter of that pesky pricetag.     Graff Diamonds once again made a splash at Baselworld, introducing a $40 million watch topped with a 38 ct. D Flawless that can be converted to a bracelet or ring.  Billed as the world’s most valuable transformable timepiece, […]

The Magical, Intricate Dresses of Three Sisters

Check out a recent article in the New Yorker that details the discovery of a trunk of intricately designed Callot dresses, designed by three sisters who are considered by some to be the most amazing designers in fashion history. Their detail to craftsmanship is astounding and will inspire us to continually raise the bar higher. A “Callot dress” is one that was made by the Paris haute-couture house Callot Soeurs—Callot Sisters. The sisters are not much remembered now: there has been no monograph on […]

How to Springclean your Closet (including your Jewelry Box)

It’s that time of the year again where we box up the wintery wear and blow the dust off of lighter, prettier things. Even jewelry needs a spring-cleaning. It’s a perfect time to clean your jewelry as well as getting rid of old pieces that no longer serve you. Don’t be too dear. Think in terms of wardrobe that you simply couldn’t do without. The remainder? Take it to your local thrift store so someone else can enjoy it. Here’s some sage advice from […]

The Stylish Neandrathals

One can only imagine the creative abilities of a Neandrathal from 130,000 years ago. Well actually, we can do more than imagine. Witness their jewelry making abilities below. (The Neandrathals appear to be more stylish than one would think. I may have seen a similar necklace at Burning Man.) Long before they shared the landscape with modern humans, Neanderthals in Europe developed a sharp sense of style, wearing eagle claws as jewelry, new evidence suggests. Researchers identified eight talons from white-tailed eagles — including […]