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  • Green Gemstones – Which Shade is Best for Your Engagement Ring?

    Nothing shows you the difference in color and brilliance than a good old-fashioned side-by-side test. If you’re interested in a green gemstone for your engagement ring, see firsthand the difference between green sapphire and medium green moissanite (which is a paler shade of green than you may think).

    Both gems are distinctively and strikingly green and similar in hardness, but note the slight difference in hue…and of course, price. Moissanite continues to offer amazing shades, durability and a price that most can afford.

    [Remember: moissanite is not a diamond simulant or substitute but its own type of gem. Moissanite has a hardness ranging from 9.2 to 9.25 on the Mohs scale, which puts it closer to ruby and sapphire (at 9).  Diamond—at the top of scale—at 10.0.]


  • The Eternally Classic Wedding Band/Engagement Ring Choice

    When customers want an engagement ring/wedding band combo that stands the test of time, this diehard duo does the trick. Why? Because our ballerina engagement ring and a classic diamond eternity band have classic “forever” appeal.

    What is a ballerina style engagement ring?

    It’s actually a specific kind of cluster ring with a main center stone, surrounded by smaller stones. It’s called a ballerina setting” because the surrounding stones create a tutu-like effect, similar to the costumes worn by ballerinas.

    Why does the ballerina engagement ring have classic appeal?

    Because its already stood the test of time. This type of setting is seen in some of the older vintage and antique ring designs but yet again, it’s gaining popularity in today’s modern ring designs.

    The wedding band itself is circularly studded with gems, adding to the overall sparkle appeal.

    If you’re looking for a classic engagement and wedding ring choice, look no further. We’ll create an heirloom to last a lifetime and beyond.


  • 22 Karat Yellow Gold Wedding Bands – Still, a Durable Choice

    22K gold jewelry means that 22 part of the piece are gold and 2 parts are another metal. In other words, 91.67% is pure gold while the other 8.33% is composed of metals like silver, zinc, nickel and other alloys. These other metals make the gold harder and more durable for jewelry making.

    22K gold isn’t a “solid” choice for diamonds and heavily studded jewelry but are a smart choice for plain gold jewelry, like the wedding bands pictured above.

    Why not choose 24K gold if possible?

    It’s simply too soft for jewelry making needs. Even gold bullions aren’t pure gold. Yes, they contain their full stated weight in gold but have an additional weight in alloy to harden and protect them against wear.

  • C.D. Heart Shape Cathedral Engagement Ring

  • Welcome to the New World of Cobalt Chrome


    main view of Cobalt Chrome 9mm Beveled Band with 5mm Meteorite

    Cobalt Chrome 9mm Beveled Band with 5mm Meteorite. Lashbrook Cobalt Chrome 9mm Beveled Band with 5mm Meteorite Rock Polish.


    We’re poised to launch a new line of Cobalt Chrome wedding bands and we’re very excited!

    But first, let’s explain the metal in all its glory:

    Cobalt Chrome contain many unique properties and characteristics, mainly the bright white color (whiter than tungsten and titanium). Cobalt Chrome is often compared to platinum in appearance. And since they’re not plated, that bright, white color is forever!

    Cobalt Chrome wedding bands are also tough: less scratch-resistant than tungsten but more scratch-resistant than titanium.

    Other sweet perks of Cobalt Chrome?

    The metal is hypoallergenic (because it doesn’t contain potentially harmful alloys like nickel that commonly cause allergic reactions).

    Cobalt Chrome Rings are lightweight (lighter than tungsten) yet heavier than “featherlight” titanium bands, giving it a feel more similar to expensive precious metal bands.




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