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  • What can you recycle – post-holiday packaging advice

    According to the EPA, 80% of what people throw away during the time between Thanksgiving and New Years can actually be recycled.

    If you’re anything like us, you have a ton of it around you at this very moment. And its not just gifts unfortunately. It’s packaging.

    Before you go and toss that wrapping paper out (chances are, you can’t), take a listen to this helpful video:

  • 2ct Diamonds under $12,000

    Here are 2ct DIAMONDS under $12,000!
    While they last! (subject to availability, contact us for info)
    2.05 ROUND AGS J SI2 $11,800
    GREAT PRICE POINT. You get a white clean certified 
    diamond I’m sure you will love. Eye Clean 
    VG EX NONE. Bright & Pretty
    1.91 Cushion GIA H SI2 $11,649 total
    7.6×6.9mm Faces Square. White. Pretty
    EX VG 61 depth. HUGE LOOK. Faces like a 2.15
    62 table really amazing cut
    2.11 Round White & Bright $10,651 total
    I love selling 2ct rounds that face great
    White HI color. All white feathers. clean to unaided
    eye. Brightness makes is stunning. 8.15mm

    2.01 YELLOW CUSHION VS2 RING $10,900
    .46ctw white mellee 14kt Gold 4.81 Grams. 
    Killer Color. 
    2.17 OLD EURO White I SI2 $6800
    white bright 7.3mm faces clean
    2.53 HUGE LOOKING EURO only $11,989
    New Old euro that looks like a 3ct for $11,989
     2.53 J color White face Si2 that looks like Vs2. Thought it
    was VS until I found a thin side feather. EYE CLEAN 9.16mm

    2.02 MARQUISE ONLY $7500
    Looks Awesome. I color
    Bright nice ratio 12.5×6.7mm good I1

    2.09 Emerald Cut  $9533 Total
    LOVE THE CUT. JK color but awesome cut makes 
    it look whiter 8.8×6.4mm Eye Clean SI2
    2.47 Cool Big Step Cut $8900 total
    shows some color KL but eye clean and 
    big and pretty 8.18×7.3mm
    2.33 PRINCESS EGLUSA I SI1 $11,678 Total
    LOVE IT 7.54X7.34MM

    2.01 ROUND EGL F SI2 $8955 Total
    59 depth big look EX EX none 8.1mm

    2.51 CUSHION AGS J SI2 $10,800 
    Big and Bright. Eye clean to unaided eye. Whiter face
    8.2X7.3MM 70 70 EX G NONE

    2.26 PRINCESS G SI2  $11,971 total 
    Super bright and faces clean 7.08×7.05mm
    Pear 2ct AGS G I1 $8197 Total
     Huge look 11x7mm Great Color. Faces clean to 
    unaided eye – bright 

    2.32 RADIANT LONG  G I1 $9920 
    Shape is amazing, nice Long look 9X6.4MM
    side white feather that blends in

    2.54 Round M SI2 $7800 total

    Faces great. Shows some color, but looks
     good in rose gold 8.63mm
  • Jewelry – from trash to treasure

    The sources of inspiration for jewelry design are endless. Why? Because design itself never stops. Look around you. Your room or office is packed with design and not just those of an interior decorator.

    The smallest or most mundane item possesses its own particular design, from the lowly paperclip to a simple ballpoint pen.

    Take the following examples. Designer Holly Paxton fashioned a throwaway tag that can also be worn as a brooch.

    This earring, fashioned into a throwaway tag, can also be worn as a brooch.

    Now take a look at this below. A corner of candy bar packaging is the inspiration. Who would have thought this little corner of wrapper? [Same designer: Holly Paxton]


    The takeaway: the sky’s the limit. Creativity knows no bounds. The simplest object around you possesses its own angles, lines, colors and unique design. Let’s celebrate the simple!

    Source: Highsnobiety

  • Random Uses for Spare Jewelry Boxes


    We can only hope you’ve received a ton of jewelry this holiday and have a slew of jewelry boxes to reuse or upcycle.

    But what exactly can be done with your average cardboard jewelry box? What other uses does it contain within?

    Here’s a few possibilities for your used jewelry box:

    Change keeper. If you still use change in your life (think laundromat or toll booth), a pretty look box holding your change is both practical and pretty.

    Board game pieces. Many board game pieces are hopelessly strewn about, especially over the holidays. Keep game pieces in one piece and not underfoot.

    Barbie doll suitcases! 

    Special treasure boxes. Use for an important lock of hair, a secret note or a first tooth. Write a note to self on the inside of the box.

    Reuse for other jewelry. Of course, the obvious answer right? But not just jewelry. Think of other small items, like collectible stamps or pretty buttons that might find a happy home in a previously used jewelry box.

    What about you? What ways have you reused or upcycled jewelry boxes?



  • “I also really appreciate the ring pop”

    Hey Jen,
    I just wanted to thank you for all your help! I love the ring it’s amazing, I also really appreciate the ring pop. That made me very happy, I’ve always joked about me getting that for her so it was a perfect detail of yours. We’ll see how it goes.
    Again, thank you for everything I hope you have some amazing holidays.


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