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Fashionable Jewelry that (Literally) is the Bomb

May 11, 2015

Following an continuing and important trend of turning weapons into jewelry, Article 22 (named after the universal declaration of human rights) is producing politically-inspired items that include necklaces that read “Peace is the Bomb.”

“A portion of profit from every Article 22 item goes to the artisans themselves, a local community fund, and a professional company that works to demine the approximately 80 million bombs that still haven’t detonated in Laos. According to one official estimate, at the current rate of removal, it will take nearly 300 years to rid the country of mines.” Source: NBC News




Reese Witherspoon, Queen of Bling at Met Gala 2015

May 6, 2015

Reese has a long history of looking stellar at red carpet events. She tends play it safe and stick with classic looks, leaving the ostentatious for others. And what a winning formula. Check out last night’s perfection in red. And the bling…wow.


Met Gala 2015: Reese Witherspoon

Fittingly for the star who just recreated her famous Sweet Home Alabama proposal scene in N.Y.C.’s Tiffany & Co. flagship, the star stopped by the brand’s workshop to check out at her choices. She was accompanied by the brand’s new design director, Francesca Amfitheatrof, who gave her a preview of the necklace, bracelet and ring (all “Skyscraper” motif from the Tiffany & Co. Masterpieces collection) and emerald-cut diamond earrings ($112,000).

Source: People

10 Easy Prettiness Pointers

May 5, 2015


Do you feel pretty today? No, you don’t have to feel drop-dead gorgeous. Or even beautiful. You just have to feel good enough about yourself that it radiates throughout your being.

We all know of women who have that “certain something” and almost always, it isn’t just about her looks looks. It’s the way feels in her own skin.

Confidence. Comfortability. Warmth.


Here are few easy ways to naturally feel pretty:

1.Smile. As the quote goes, “I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.”

2. Be there for someone who needs you even if there’s nothing in it for you—give without expectations.

3. Make a sacrifice for someone you love.

4. Admit a mistake, even if it’s hard to say you’re wrong, and work to make amends.

5.Share your struggles, putting your ego aside, to make someone else feel less alone.

6. Create something that helps people. A song, a blog, a support group, a non-profit—anything that inspires.

7.Help a child feel good about him or herself.

8. Tell someone what you appreciate about them, even if you feel vulnerable.

9. Forgive someone without needing to hear the words, “I’m sorry.”

10.Create positive energy around you by thinking positive thoughts and acting with positive intentions.

Read more at Tiny Buddha.

“. . . The only downside is that I get a bit distracted wearing them, so I take them off while I drive. Haha!. . . “

May 4, 2015

Hi Joe,
I have picked up the rings yesterday, they are absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for such an amazing work. I really love the stone too, and the way the entire set looks on my finger. I already got compliments on it from a total stranger.
I am very satisfied with them. The only downside is that I get a bit distracted wearing them, so I take them off while I drive. Haha! The funny thing is that others are also distracted by it. Yesterday night we were at Grand Ole Opry for a fantastic concert, and the lady on my left kept on staring, I guess she liked it too!
Thank you so much again, I really love how it turned out.
Talk to you (hope soon) for my next ring. :D
Have a great day.

May’s Birthstone – The Powerful, Radiant Emerald

May 4, 2015



What is it about an emerald that is so positively fetching and magical, as if snatched right out of a fairytale? Well, apparently it’s got a long history of power and wonder, as you’ll read below.

If you’re looking for a custom designed piece using your birthstone (or you simply love emeralds), we’re happy to create something that marks your green gem love in the most special of ways.

The emerald belongs to the beryl family of minerals that include aquamarine (one of March’s birthstones), heliodor, and morganite. Beryl, or beryllium aluminum silicate in chemical jargon, is a six-sided symmetrical crystal. Beryl contains beryllium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen.

Emeralds vary in color from light to deep green. It’s commonly thought that an emerald’s color derives from the presence of chromium and/or vanadium replacing some of the aluminum in the mineral’s structure. The stone can, however, lose its color when heated strongly.

There are many myths associated with the emerald. The stone was once believed to prevent epilepsy, stop bleeding, cure dysentery and fever, and protect the wearer from panic. Its magnificent green color was said to rest and relieve the eye. To the ancient Romans, emeralds were dedicated to the goddess Venus because the green emerald symbolized the reproductive forces of nature. Early Christians saw it as a symbol of the resurrection of Christ. In the Middle Ages, emeralds were believed to hold the power to foretell the future.

Source: EarthSky


Image result for emeralds

HIV/AIDS Awareness Ribbon for the Night For Life Gala

May 2, 2015

Joseph Schubach Jewelers’ donation to the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS Night For Life Gala. Reverse set rubies in 14kt yellow gold with a diamond accent.

YouTube Preview Image

Men and Jewelry in the Spring

April 29, 2015

It’s time for your Spring unveiling. The heavy coats and sweaters are put aside and out comes more skin-exposing fashionwear. Men, take note of these sage points found in this month’s GQ. And remember, no arm parties!

Do: Mix & Match

You’ve got a fancy, shiny new silver watch? Throw on a colorful, low-end bracelet like these from Burkman Bros. to keep the vibes beach-ready. Rocking a punchy neon hiking cord number? Pair with a worn-in metal cuff. Wearing a WWII-inspired military watch? Tone down the commando-ness with an eye-popping leather bracelet from Caputo & Co. Still sporting a Livestrong bracelet? Actually, let’s add that one to the don’ts.

Don’t: Make it an “Arm Party”

While mixing high and low-end always for some killer contrast, there’s a very serious law of diminishing returns in play on your wrist. There’s a point at which too much jewelry goes from “fun” to “attention-grabby” and our research shows that this line is three things per arm or five total. Plus, when you look like you robbed a summer camp’s lanyard stash, no one piece gets the (literal) shine it may very well deserve.

Do: Consider the Signet (Pinky) Ring

Before you hit the eject button on this whole idea, hear us out: The pinky ring isn’t for everyone. But if you wear it with a bunch of other masculine, Americana gear like beat-up jeans, denim shirts, and Chelsea boots, you’ll come off like a guy comfortable in his own skin, not like someone who’s auditioning for the Broadway revival of Guys & Dolls. If you need some help finding one, see our recent round-up here.

Don’t: Get Experimental With Piercings

We love Shia Labeouf’s blue collar style for lots of reasons, but one thing we can’t get behind is his recent eyebrow ring. If you must pierce, keep it to the ears (specifically, the lobes) and avoid the temptation to channel early-2000s-era R.Kelly’s iced-out studs. Something smaller, more rugged, and less diamond-encrusted is always preferred.

Read more here.

Ryan Gosling and his signature necklace.

Dior Launches Short Films for New Jewelry Line

April 28, 2015

Short films or artistically-leaning extended commercials have become increasingly popular in the world of marketing jewelry. It’s a new way of reaching audiences and showcasing jewelry as part of a larger creative vision.

BLOWING IN THE WIND: Dior is marking the launch of its new fine jewelry line Rose des Vents with four animated short films based Victoire de Castellane’s fanciful drawings detailing her imaginary encounters with the house’s founder, Christian Dior.

Each mini movie is based on a cardinal point corresponding to one of the four types of stones used in the jewels: north for mother-of-pearl; east for pink opal; south for turquoise, and west for lapis lazuli.

The latter film, for instance, shows de Castellane and Dior preparing for a party at the Dior headquarters on Avenue Montaigne in Paris when lapis lazuli medallions start to twirl around the room like light bouncing off a glitter ball.

Source: WWD

YouTube Preview Image

Jewelry Standouts at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

April 27, 2015

An event that started 101 years ago has grown in popularity…and glitz.

Check out some of these standouts:

Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman wore Harry Kotlar diamond earrings and Harry Kotlar bracelet.


101st Annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner - Inside Arrivals

Darby Stanchfield wore Forevermark By Pluczenik Integré Double Drop Earrings, Forevermark by Galili and Co. Diamond Line Bracelet, Forevermark by Natalie K Three Row Diamond Bracelet, Forevermark by Natalie K Line Bracelets and Forevermark Oval Swirl Ring, all in 18k white gold.


Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota wore Brumani earrings.


Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis in Arya Esha earrings and rings.

Source: Forbes

Fancy Yellow Diamond Showstopper by Borsheims

April 22, 2015

Put your sunglasses on for this dazzler or you might go blind from the beauty!

Courtesy Borsheims

Borsheims is celebrating its parent company’s 50th anniversary with a 50 ct. fancy yellow diamond.

The ring features a 50.02 ct. natural fancy yellow cushion-cut diamond from Rahaminov Diamonds. The retail price for the ring is $2.3 million, but Berkshire Hathaway shareholders can get the ring for $1,725,000.

Berkshire Hathaway was actually founded in 1839 as a textile company in Rhode Island, but Buffett Partnership Ltd., owned by Warren Buffett, bought and took control of the company in 1965. It is that anniversary that Borsheims is celebrating with the diamond.


Source: JCK

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