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Jewelry Wearing Tips

  • Fun Fix-it Hacks for Jewelry


    Jewelry is amazing to wear but frankly, it can have a darker side. Like tangled necklaces or your hair getting repeatedly stuck on an overly aggressive necklace clasp. Here are a few  fun hacks to keep jewelry wearing simple and care free.

    Hair that gets stuck on your necklace. Ouch…what a pain. But it doesn’t have to be. If its the actual chain that’s giving you a problem, try putting on some can candle wax on the troublesome area. It’s tarnish free.

    Another option (if the clasp is the issue) tape wrapped gently around it will do the trick. Not a permanent solution but at least its a pain-free evening.

    The Dreaded Pile of Knotted Necklaces. We’ve all been there. And we all think we can fix it quickly…then more time goes by, with agitation levels slowly increasing. It’s like a Rubix Cube but with no solution! Well, here’s one: baby powder.

    Simply drop your Chain of Confusion on a clean plate and sprinkle the knot with baby powder. The knot instantly becomes looser and easier to detangle. But don’t forget to rinse it off afterwards.

    A bracelet fastener with no one around. Frustrating but not to worry. The old paper clip trick to the rescue. Simple open a paper clip and thread it through the catch. You’ll be able to latch easily from there.

    So there you go: quick and easy jewelry hacks so you can make the most of your jewelry wearing.



  • Wearing your Favorite Jewelry Now, not just Special Occasions



    My mother had a pearl necklace that her great aunt had given her. It was one of her prized possessions, hiding in the depths of her jewelry box and only brought out for “special occasions.” Thing is, the special occasions were rather rare for a busy, working mother raising five children. And often, when those “special occasions” would arrive, my mother would forget about her precious pearl necklace, making for another missed opportunity.

    If you’re the type who covets your jewelry a little too much, first recognize this: it’s normal. These are precious items and nobody wants to lose a family heirloom or have it stolen. We’re cautious because we care, right?

    But dare to take a look at the flip side: your life is now. Celebrating your prized possessions doesn’t have to wait for a special occasion. It can be any occasion. Dare to wear that special something to a lunch with a friend or a visit to the grocery store or even in the privacy of your own home.

    Get in the habit of showing off your jewelry now. Today.

    Remember that a jewelry box is not a home for your jewelry: you are! 




  • Jewelry Pairing Video, ALL Visual Pointers

    Our studio staff keep up on fashion advice videos on YouTube. Some are amazingly helpful, some could stand some serious editing…some even contain bad jewelry wearing advice!

    But there are definitely gems out there.

    While the music is a bit grating (suggestion: turn the audio off,), we think an all visual video relays pointers more quickly and effectively…don’t you agree?


  • What Outfit Pairs with your Jewelry?

    We all know the routine: get dressed and then peruse your jewelry box for the perfect fit to your outfit. But what about changing things up? Think of your favorite pieces of jewelry. What outfits would enhance their beauty? Jewelry deserve time in the spotlight too, right?

    If you have a statement necklace in your collection, it’s the perfect piece to design an outfit around. Or even those dangly, over-the-top earrings.

    Then think clothing: bold pieces deserve simple outfits that focus the attention to your overall look correctly. A little black dress would be a good example. But conversely, a dressed down look with jeans and a t-shirt could do the job too.

    So pull out your “bigger” pieces. Those pieces you don’t tend to wear because they’re a little…much. Then create a look based on it. You’ll be surprised how much a statement you make.

    Here’s a few examples:

    eva mendes  statement necklace

  • Chinoiserie Trends in Jewelry

    What a pleasure to see this delicate Asian influence in jewelry trends this year. Check out some popular pieces featured in Jennifer Heebner’s column in JCK. And remember, if a piece strikes your fancy, we can personalize it and recreate it for a fraction of the cost.


    Asian influences like origami folds, flowers, and kimono silhouettes were strong on Spring 2013 runways, meaning that jewelers will want to accessorize the looks with complimentary pieces. Think long tassel necklaces or earrings, bamboo and/or cherry blossom themes, jade, Chinese characters, and more. And, don’t rule out homage to the animal of the year per the Chinese calendar: snakes for 2013, and even dragons from 2012 still feel current.

    Pandora Cherry Blossom earrings in 14k gold with enamel

    Cherry Blossom earrings in 14k gold with pink enamel, $260; Pandora

    Kir Collection silver tassel earrings with green onyx

    Chandi Chain earrings in silver with green onyx and curb chain loop tassels, $395; Kir Collection

    Samuel B leather bracelet with silver and dragon motif

    Wide leather bracelet with silver Dragon motif ornament, $510; Samuel B. Collection

    American Estate silver Cherry Blossom earrings with pink tourmaline

    Cherry Blossom earrings in silver with 24k gold backs and 1.92 cts. t.w. pink tourmaline, $550; American Estate

    See more here.


  • How to Wear Jewelry [VIDEO]

    How to wear jewelry? Do we really need instructions? In short – yes! I’m sure you’ve seen some jewelry faux pas among the masses and you don’t want to be one of them, do you? This Lucky Magazine video gives you great ideas on necklace layering, wearing large earrings and how to enhance your outfit without overwhelming it.


    Ready to jump into some custom design jewelry? Take a look at our stunning pink sapphires, just waiting to be transformed into a piece just for you!