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Wearing your Favorite Jewelry Now, not just Special Occasions



My mother had a pearl necklace that her great aunt had given her. It was one of her prized possessions, hiding in the depths of her jewelry box and only brought out for “special occasions.” Thing is, the special occasions were rather rare for a busy, working mother raising five children. And often, when those “special occasions” would arrive, my mother would forget about her precious pearl necklace, making for another missed opportunity.

If you’re the type who covets your jewelry a little too much, first recognize this: it’s normal. These are precious items and nobody wants to lose a family heirloom or have it stolen. We’re cautious because we care, right?

But dare to take a look at the flip side: your life is now. Celebrating your prized possessions doesn’t have to wait for a special occasion. It can be any occasion. Dare to wear that special something to a lunch with a friend or a visit to the grocery store or even in the privacy of your own home.

Get in the habit of showing off your jewelry now. Today.

Remember that a jewelry box is not a home for your jewelry: you are!