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What Outfit Pairs with your Jewelry?

We all know the routine: get dressed and then peruse your jewelry box for the perfect fit to your outfit. But what about changing things up? Think of your favorite pieces of jewelry. What outfits would enhance their beauty? Jewelry deserve time in the spotlight too, right?

If you have a statement necklace in your collection, it’s the perfect piece to design an outfit around. Or even those dangly, over-the-top earrings.

Then think clothing: bold pieces deserve simple outfits that focus the attention to your overall look correctly. A little black dress would be a good example. But conversely, a dressed down look with jeans and a t-shirt could do the job too.

So pull out your “bigger” pieces. Those pieces you don’t tend to wear because they’re a little…much. Then create a look based on it. You’ll be surprised how much a statement you make.

Here’s a few examples:

eva mendes  statement necklace