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Jewelry Trends

  • Smart Jewelry that Doesn’t Look Dumb

    Some of the tech-related jewelry as of late has hardly been fetching. Until now.

    As Paul Williamson, Director of Low Power Wireless at CSR, put it, “If wearable technology is to reach its potential it needs to appeal to more than just technology lovers.”

    The pendant shown here is a reference design that highlights CSR’s Bluetooth Smart solution, a tiny chip capable of connecting to your smartphone.



    The elegant app built into this ring gives you a UV Index and it also covers forecasts for your location so you know when to take sunscreen, shades, and a hat with you. It can also warn you to take a break from the rays when you’ve had enough.


    At first glance, it looks like a locket, but it’s a cleverly designed activity tracker in grey, black, topaz, or champagne matte aluminum.

  • Minimal East Meets West

    This minimal east jewelry trend is a slam-dunk for women who like subtlety with a little splash of color. Expect clean lines, lots of silver and of course, a burst of bold red:

    Minimal East

    The influence of Asia is the target for the contemporary, Zen-like trend of Minimal East. Asia’s preoccupation with ancient crafts and innovative technology drives this neo-minimalist trend. It is contemplative and re-examines the cultural roots of today’s rapidly transforming world.

    Using soft, subtle tones such as grey-green, borealis greys, fresh jade greens and a startling hint of Chinese lacquer red, this trend direction is sophisticated and meticulous in style.


  • Metal Bracelets for Men

    Much debate surrounds men and jewelry. What works and what doesn’t? When have you gone too far? What looks good but still maintains a certain degree of masculinity?

    One answer is metal bracelets for men. They add a nice touch to any male wardrobe without distraction. (Hey, it worked for James Dean!)

    Take a look at these examples:


  • How to Have an Arm Party

    The winter is the perfect time for an arm party, bringing drama and flair to the simplest winter outfit. Check out how some of these celebrities “bling out” their arms.


  • Red Carpet Choices of 2014…So Far

    We’re a little behind on the award ceremonies, but luckily, you’ll see some similar pieces on many of the red carpets this 2014.

    Check out some of the colorful gems of the People’s Choice Awards:


    Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, who currently appears on the CBS series The Crazy Ones, donned an 18-karat gold, spinel and diamond ring by Ivy ($15,000).

    011014_SMG     011014_SMG-1

    House of Bodies’ Queen Latifah wore Sutra’s emerald and diamond earrings.

    011014_QL 011014_QL-1

    Melissa Rauch of The Big Bang Theory accessorized with Le Vian’s black diamond earrings and ring.

    011014_MR-1    011014_MR-2

    Pretty Little Liars’ Lucy Hale wore the 14-karat rose gold, tourmaline and diamond “Courtney Lauren” earrings by Dana Rebecca Designs ($10,560).

    011014_LH     011014_LH-1
    Check out more at 10x.

  • Strange Jewelry Trends of 2014 – Baby Teeth Jewelry

    We thought breast milk jewelry was a strange jewelry trend but this one might be a solid competitor.

    According to Etsy’s

    Jackie Kaufman, owner of the Rock My World shop on Etsy, said she’s had about 100 orders so far. She had the idea after a woman who had saved all her children’s baby teeth asked her to make a piece of custom jewelry.

    “Once I posted the finished product, I started getting many requests for us to create different pieces of jewelry using the teeth,” she said. “Most people had no idea that this was possible.”

    Molds of your child’s teeth come in sterling silver or gold.

    Source: ABC News

  • Turquoise is Back, as Seen at the Golden Globes

    Turquoise is back…but has it ever been gone? With its magical, earthy hues, why wouldn’t it pair nicely at an event like Sunday night’s Golden Globes.

    Here are a few stars who rocked it.


    Emma Roberts


    Emma Roberts in Lanvin, Reese Witherspoon in Calvin Klein Collection, and Sofia Vergara in Zac Posen



  • Abalone Jewelry – Natural Luster for 2014

    Abalone in its natural form. Abalone, is a common name for any of a group of small to very large edible sea snails.


    We mentioned the lustrous shell last week when reviewing the hot trends for 2014, but today we wanted to take a closer look. What is it about abalone jewelry that’s making all of the fashion pages? Here are a few examples for you to peruse.

    Kendra Scott

    Deily earrings in 14k gold-plated brass with abalone, $75; Kendra Scott

    Bangle in 18k gold-plated brass with paua (abalone) shell, $118; Isharya

    Elizabeth Showers

    Juliette chandelier earrings in sterling silver with white quartz over abalone, $870; Elizabeth Showers


    Ring in 18k gold with oxidized silver and 6.64 ct. blue topaz doublet, 0.47 ct. t.w. abalone shell, and 0.44 ct. t.w. blue sapphires, $3,845; Armenta Collection

    Jacquie Aiche

    Double Teardrop bracelet in 14k rose gold with abalone and 0.3 ct. t.w. diamonds, $4,300; Jacquie Aiche


    Source: JCK Magazine

  • A Peak at 2014’s Jewelry Trends

    Will statement necklaces still be all the rage? Earring cuffs? What colors will be appearing on the red carpet? And more importantly, what trends will appeal to you?

    (above – 2014’s hot color: radiant orchid.)

    Here’s an excerpt from JCK’s 12 Jewelry Trends for 2014.

    Jewelry trends are derived from the three Rs: red carpet, runway, and real life. Here’s a list of 12 trends compiled through jewelry market research of new styles seen at shows and during market appointments and an analysis of runway fashions and top looks at awards shows.

    Abalone. With all the blue we’ve been seeing this year, this lustrous pearl beauty fits right into the mix. But not just because of its color; abalone has appeared in a number of cool pieces this year—from a one-of-a-kind necklace from Arunashi (that debuted in Baselworld and is now for sale at Marissa Collection in Florida) to a funky pair of earrings by Jacquie Aiche to new styles from costume jeweler Isharya. That’s why I think this sometimes-inexpensive (but always exotic looking) organic material is poised to have a moment.

    Radiant Orchid. Call it fuchsia or purply-pink; they’re both appropriate names for Pantone color No. 18-3224, otherwise known as Radiant Orchid. It’s what the self-proclaimed color authority has chosen for its 2014 Color of the Year, so expect to see a surge of the hue in clothing—and in jewelry as a by-product—and do remember to help clients color-block selections appropriately.

    Orange. It color-blocks beautifully with all the blue we’ve seen on the runways and in jewelry, as well as with Radiant Orchid. For that reason, orange should be a go-to jewel color for retailers in 2014.

    Blue. Yes, it’s still going strong. It was all over the runways for spring and has been abundant in jewelry collections all year. Snap up styles in sapphire, topaz, tanzanite, and any other desirable variations.

    Yellow gold. We saw lots of it at the Emmys, in dainty pendants, and all year long in vermeil, gold plate, and yellow-colored brass, and bronze jewels. But considering that the price of gold has dropped 29 percent to date—and analysts suspect that the prices per ounce will continue dropping—industry can happily re-embrace the precious metal in designs and with more liberal applications.

    Read more here.

    Chevron symbol – popular in 2014.