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Breast Milk Jewelry…When Bottles Just aren’t Enough

We’ve followed a lot of unusual jewelry trends over the years but I’d have to say this one stopped me in my tracks this morning. A Rhode Island woman has figured out a way to encase breast milk in jewelry for moms…or I guess anyone else who fancies wearing breast milk jewelry.  Thanks to the Daily Beast for this distinctive story!

After struggling with breast-feeding her first child, Rhode Island mother of three Allicia Mogavero decided to commemorate the lactation process by turning her breast milk into wearable jewelry.

“The whole nursing experience was really profound for me. I was like, I wonder if I can preserve this. I wonder if there’s a way I can make it last forever,” she tells The Daily Beast.

Mogavero launched a website to help others do the same. Her so-called MommyMilk Creations are made by petrifying customers’ breast milk and encasing it in resin, which protects the hardened milk from shattering. The resins come in a range of shaped molds, including hearts, trees, and handprints, and can be customized to include a child’s name. Once the resin is cured, Mogavero then attaches chains to the molds so the pieces can be worn as necklaces, bracelets, and key chains.

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