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  • The Modernity of Tension Rings

    Tension rings possess a unique look and offer certain advantages that other rings don’t. For the very active spouse-to-be, the tension ring assures that your stone will most likely stay put because the way the ring is designed.

    Tension rings are also chic and have a certain contemporary feel for people who prefer that style.

    Here’s what one expert has to say:

    Tension Rings

    For a more modern twist on the engagement ring, consider a tension ring. Instead of being held in place by clasps and prongs, these elegant alternatives stay in place by the sheer pressure of each end of the ring.

    Nothing says they have to be diamond, either. Why not consider getting your birth stone in it, instead, or another gem that means something to you and your betrothed? Because of the high tension involved, however, you will need to make sure your jewel can withstand the pressure, or it might need to be attached with hidden prongs or fasteners for a faux-tension look.

    Such a classy look comes with a high price tag, however. Your tension ring will need to be custom made, partly because everyone’s tension levels will differ, but mostly because you need a perfect fit. Because of the physics involved, you’re never going to be able to resize a tension ring without destroying the band.

    Our Gallery of Joseph Schubach Jeweler’s Tension Rings.

    Style 9500M

    Tension Set Round Moissanite Engagement Ring With Diamonds

    Tension set ring with .51ct t.w. round diamonds (setting only, does not include center stone)

  • Adding some Rock and Roll to your Jewelry Collection

    Whether you’re an active artist or the 9 – 5 type, we all have some rock and roll in us, waiting to come out. Well, tis the season.

    One of the hottest trends for this fall are touches of “edgy” detail. No, this doesn’t mean wearing a dog collar to your next corporate event! These are just minor accoutrements that add a certain sharp, fun flair to just about any outfit.

    At Joseph Schubach, we’re happy to create a piece made directly from your mischievous side. And we can make it affordably, with materials like moissanite or Gemesis or palladium.

    “Rock and roll never forgets.”

    Here are some examples to inspire:

    Images: ShopFlick / Bergdorf Goodman

  • Male Engagement Rings – the Slow Trend Continues

    Not surprisingly, male engagement rings are on the rise, albeit quietly. More women are popping the question and engagements are extending, some lasting for years. And same-sex marriages are slowly becoming more commonplace. Plus, a men’s engagement ring adds a certain element of stylish flair prior to the big day.

    According to one expert:

    “Along with this shift, we see an uptick in the sale of men’s engagement rings, letting the world know that a man has been claimed and that he is unavailable….many opt for palladium, titanium, tungsten and black diamond rings.”

    So if you’re looking for something that’s trend-setting and love-lasting, consider a male engagement ring designed by you – or you and your spouse-to-be. Why shouldn’t the man of your life experience the same joy and thrill an engagement ring offers? And one crafted by the two of you?

    Here’s are some examples to get those creative juices flowing:

  • Big, Bold Necklaces – The Trend Continues through the Fall

    What is it with the statement necklace? It just won’t die! Perhaps its because of cost efficiency: one bombastic piece does the work of several items of jewelry combined! Or maybe its just the fun factor: statement necklaces do seem like a jewelry party on your neck and during a tough economy, it’s important to pump up the festivity factor.

    Whatever it is, the “trenders” are saying that this fall, the statement necklace continues its reign. Let us create a custom jewelry design just for you – a big, bold and audacious piece with only you in mind.

    You pick the material, you pick the design, you pick the degree of ostentatiousness! statement-necklace-joseph-schubach

    Here’s a statement piece of ours (a little more subtle!):

    Style 7380GM

    Yellow Gemesis Sun Pendant

    “Sun” pendant with a 1/3ct Gemesis cultured diamond with fancy yellow or orange color, and .14ct t.w. natural round pave’ set diamonds. The pendant sits on a 16″ black rubber cord with a 14kt gold clasp. Approximately 5/8″ tall.

    Available Metal: 14kt White Gold, Yellow Gold And Platinum Available Stone Size: 1/3ct

    Trade Up Our Guarantee

    Style 7380GM

  • The Oscars – Is Less Bling a Good Thing?

    The Oscars are known for uber-glamor and decadence. But during these tough economic times, how can a star shine, while showing some sensitivity and awareness to our current situation. Certainly, there was less bling to be seen in general. The choices were more selective and simpler, yet glamorous nonetheless.

    So while overblinging may be taking a backseat as we all watch our collective wallets, stunning jewelry still can be seen, just a little more on the "simple and effective" side.

    As one commentator put it: "It's a recession, not an apocalypse."

    Here's a few examples of bling on stars, even during penny-pinching times:


    Beyonce wears a 200-carat diamond necklace to the Golden Globes in January.