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Male Engagement Rings – the Slow Trend Continues

Not surprisingly, male engagement rings are on the rise, albeit quietly. More women are popping the question and engagements are extending, some lasting for years. And same-sex marriages are slowly becoming more commonplace. Plus, a men’s engagement ring adds a certain element of stylish flair prior to the big day.

According to one expert:

“Along with this shift, we see an uptick in the sale of men’s engagement rings, letting the world know that a man has been claimed and that he is unavailable….many opt for palladium, titanium, tungsten and black diamond rings.”

So if you’re looking for something that’s trend-setting and love-lasting, consider a male engagement ring designed by you – or you and your spouse-to-be. Why shouldn’t the man of your life experience the same joy and thrill an engagement ring offers? And one crafted by the two of you?

Here’s are some examples to get those creative juices flowing: