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  • The New and Improved Freshwater Pearls

    Freshwater pearls have a bad rap. They are often considered the poor step-cousin to the ever-glamorous saltwater pearl. For many years, freshwater pearls came in awkward sizes, rough textures and garish colors. But the past ten years, the freshwater pearls have experienced a real “makeover” in the jewelry world.

    Freshwater pearl farmers have revamped their cultivation and processing techniques, creating a pearl that is comparable to saltwater pearls in luster and nacre.

    Thing is, seawater pearls are very regulated to ensure that the customer is only presented with the cream of the crop, whereas freshwater pearls don’t have the same restrictions. In other words, you have to find the right jewelry dealer with the highest quality product.

    That’s where we come in. For a short time only, we’re offering luscious, high-quality freshwater pearls at a price that won’t cost a lot of clams.

    As the economy worsens, more customers are opting for the quality, revamped pearls, which give expensive cultured pearls a run for their money…literally.

    Take a look at the photo below (courtesy of The Pearl Outlet) of a strand of saltwater pearls (running close to $19,000) entwined with a strand of freshwater pearls:


    Click on the photograph. Look closely. Can you tell the difference? That’s how far Freshwater Pearls have come!

    For the full pearl experience, view our
    wide array of oversized Chinese Freshwater Pearl necklaces, available
    for a limited time only.

  • Service Worth Paying For

    Today, Seth Godin posted an article about great customer service and how much this is worth. In his post, Seth mentions being stuck in an airport trying to figure out how to transfer your seat home from one airline to another (especially appropriate this holiday season!). The question he poses is, "Would you pay $20 to talk to a competent,
    empowered agent who answered on the first ring
    ?" (Read the article

    My staff and I pride ourselves on the level of customer service and knowledge that we offer our customers. We have taken our three generations of jewelry expertise and successfully moved it to the world of the Internet. We like to say that we offer the same service to our customers whether they live in our home town of Scottsdale, AZ, or anywhere in the world.

    But, as Seth states, today's dilemma is, "Increasingly, the web makes pricing cutthroat. And service suffers, because it's expected for free."

    Everyone knows that superior service is not free, it costs plenty to attract, train and maintain qualified individuals who not only know their stuff, but can successfully communicate and work with customers to help them with their needs. And, fine jewelry is not a simple widget-type product to work with, it's very complicated. You cannot take a person who was selling mens socks one day and move them into the loose diamond or custom jewelry design departments the next day.

    So what is this level of service worth and how does it fit in with the 'cutthroat' nature of the web today? What is it worth to be able to get on the phone with a real, live, knowledgeable professional to obtain product information, to gain peace of mind about a major purchase like jewelry, or to troubleshoot an issue should one arise? I encourage you to give our customer service oriented online business a try and see for yourself what a difference good old fashioned customer service can make.

  • 30,000 Loose Diamonds, New Engagement Ring Styles and the Ease of On-Line Shopping.

    Banner-bridal-builderJoseph Schubach Jewelers expands its diamond offering
    online with the Bridal Ring Builder program, an online
    database of over 30,000 certified loose diamonds and a
    collection of over 50 new, customizable engagement rings.

    Now you can explore one of the largest inventories of loose
    diamonds from the world's leading diamond cutters – and design
    your own engagement ring – from the comfort and ease of your
    home. And when you're ready for some expert help, the staff at
    Joseph Schubach Jewelers will be there to answer any questions
    you might have. We can even bring the diamonds into our office
    for you to view and inspect prior to purchasing. The ease of
    online shopping with the peace of mind of professional help,
    it's just another way for you to have the diamond jewelry of
    your dreams! Visit our website and start dreaming today!

  • Save 1/2 on Custom Design Fees – Early Bird Special!

    While an early bird special usually refers to a late
    afternoon meal at the local buffet, we’re using the idea as an
    opportunity for you to save some money on a custom jewelry
    design before the holiday rush starts.

    Between now and
    November 15th, 2008 save 1/2 on custom design fees. It’s a great
    opportunity to save money and get your holiday shopping out of
    the way ahead of time. So if you’re thinking about having a
    special piece of jewelry made for your loved one this holiday
    season, now is a great time to act! Call our custom jewelry
    specialists today for assistance or visit our custom jewelry

  • 1/2 Price Platinum!

    The price of platinum jewelry is falling and, actually, the metal is currently less than 1/2 price. Back in February of this year we sent a newsletter featuring the cost benefits of using alternative metals due to platinum’s high price.

    Well, the price of platinum has now dropped from over $2200/oz earlier in the year to under $900/oz as of today. Now is a great time to take advantage of this unusual situation and have a platinum anniversary band, a platinum engagement ring or any other piece of platinum jewelry made. Visit our website or call us today for assistance.

  • Joseph Schubach Jewelers Gains Charles & Colvard Authorized Internet Retailer Designation

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    Joseph Schubach Jewelers recently gained approval as one of the select
    few retailers to obtain the official designation of Authorized Internet Retailer from Charles & Colvard, the sole creators of moissanite jewels.

    As an Authorized Internet Retailer, Joseph Schubach Jewelers must adhere to strict guidelines set forth by Charles & Colvard by ensuring complete customer satisfaction, standing behind the products they sell, having the highest level of knowledge about moissanite and by helping moissanite shoppers have the best possible shopping experience.

    For more information about this program, view the Charles & Colvard press release or visit the Charles & Colvard website.