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Moissanite in “Lucky” Light Green

Is green really lucky?


Well, it can be. If you believe! And if you do believe, wearing it must be generate even more luck. There’s something about the tactile contact of a lucky charm that radiates its goodness into your very being.

Since time immemorial, green has symbolized growth, rebirth and fertility.  In pagan days, there was a Green Man who symbolized fertility (a Tooth Fairy for pregnancy?).

In Ireland (as well as several Muslim countries), it has long symbolized luck. Many believe that wearing jewelry in the shape of a 4 leaf clover or shamrock is lucky (as in a lucky charm).

Of course, green can means all sorts of other things.


Green with envy

Green around the gills

Green behind the ears

My Light Green Moissanite Ring Looks Amazing

For us, green means an an amazing colored gem, like in the example below. Whoever got this beautiful custom design piece is certainly a lucky gal.