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What Famous People wear Good Luck Charms?



Most of us have a good luck charm or two, without even knowing it. It’s that go-to piece of jewelry we put in that makes us feel safe, comforted. The longer we wear it, the more it seems to grow in strength. Or so we like to believe.

And perhaps that belief is enough to “charm” our lucky piece. If we simply feel more confident and emboldened when we wear it, didn’t it work its magic already?

Celebrities have a long history of good luck charms. And athletes too (who often feel that that their charm of choice helps them win a game).

These “lucky” celebrities include:

Audrey Hepburn had a lucky rabbit figurine.

Lindsay Lohan had a favorite bracelet as a lucky charm.

Madonna has been known to wear a red string bracelet to ward off bad luck.

Cate Blanchett proudly displays her bronzed Lord of the Rings elf ears in her home for a dose of good luck.

Benicio del Toro wears a ring with a wooden core so he can always knock on wood whenever needed.

Cameron Diaz wears a lucky charm necklace to ward off aging.

Some celebrities and sports stars deviate from jewelry as good luck charms.

Serena Williams credits a pair of socks as her good luck charm. “I have a pair of socks that I’ve been wearing every match,” she said. “I’ve never lost a match in these socks so I guess that is a little superstitious.”

Helen Mirren dons a lucky pair of shoes she wears to awards shows.

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