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Your Engagement Ring in Video

Sure, you’ve seen gorgeous images of engagement rings before. But there’s something about video that brings that image (and that ring) to dazzling life.

Here’s a recent custom design solitaire with a stunning halo surrounding it. Amazing, isn’t it?



But watch this same ring dance with light and fire in the video below.


Adds a whole other element, doesn’t it?

When we custom design engagement rings for our customers, we’re happy to share videos throughout the process. This way, you can get as intimate of a look at your ring as humanly possible (other than seeing it in person, of course).

So remember: when you’re custom designing your engagement or wedding ring, you can have a firsthand experience that will bring you that much closer to a stunning final product.

Interested in a custom design piece for yourself? We can make your dream ring a wearable reality.

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