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How to Hide a Chip in your Diamond

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When a diamond in an engagement ring or other prized jewelry has a chip, most owners are beside themselves.

“How could this happen? I thought diamonds were the strongest gem on the planet!”

While diamonds (both natural and lab grown) are infinitely hard, they can still experience cracks and chips unfortunately. The good news? There are some workarounds to consider:

Rotate it. If you have a claw setting and the inclusion isn’t too serious, the diamond can be rotated to hide the chip underneath a claw. If the inclusion is more serious, it’s wise to run solder under the claw to fill the empty space left by the chip.

Change it. If the inclusion has moved up to the table of the diamond, try changing the claws to talon claws which can cover up a larger imperfection.

Bezel it. If the inclusion is running around the edge of your diamond, think about a bezel or semi-bezel setting to hide the inclusion.

We know firsthand how upsetting it is when you notice a chip in your diamond ring. But know there are options other than replacing your diamond or contact your insurance provider.