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I could not stop the tears!! It was everything I was hoping for and more and even more beautiful than I had dreamed.

Margie and Joe –

I am technically challenged and could not figure out how to post to your “customer testimonials”, but I wanted to send you a note letting you know again how touched I am by your attention to what I was hoping to have done to my wedding ring. If there is a way to post this to your testimonials, please do so.

When my husband and I got married, we were young, poor, and had no idea about what to look for in an engagement ring. I found a style I liked, and he purchased it and I have worn it with pride for over 25 years. The prongs were worn down, the gold had worn down to the point of splitting, even. We had visited half a dozen or more different “jewlers” over the last 10 years or so to find out about repairs and possibly adding two diamonds to the setting. Everywhere we went, we were told to just trade it in – get an upgrade!! I always left disheartened – fancy or not, my ring was the one that my husband had given me and it was precious.

When our 25th anniversary rolled around, we started looking again to see if we could at least find someone that could mend the back of the ring and replace the prongs. I was impressed by what I saw on your website and we decided to see what you could do for us. When Margie greeted us at the door, I knew we made the right decision. She not only reassured me the repairs could be done, but she told me she could add the two diamonds as I had hoped.

When we returned to pick up my ring, I could not stop the tears!! It was everything I was hoping for and more and even more beautiful than I had dreamed. As if that wasn’t enough, the cost of the upgrade and the repairs came in lower than her original estimate.

I love that they understood the emotional tie to the ring that my husband gave me a quarter-century earlier. I love that we were made to feel like Margie had been waiting just for us to wander into her store and give her the chance to be part of our anniversary. I love that Joe came out to make sure we were happy and treated us like we were treasured family members.

And I love this beautiful ring – the same ring I have worn for 25 good years; now with some extra sparkle to celebrate those years.

Thank you again so much for all you do.

Bob and Shelli