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Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

My story is about a wonderful
Christian Lady.  As we were dating, I kept asking her if she was sure
what she was getting herself into.  She said she new exactly.  You see
I have a very rare form of cancer only 1 in 14,000,000.  The prognosis
is no one has ever survived 3 years and I was approaching that date, in
fact I had 3 different of the best Oncologist tell me within two days
of each other, I only had two weeks left, three at the top.  She and
1000's prayed and on deaths door step I became stronger everyday.

She told me she knew what she
was doing, because she had taken a stand and that was God was a long
way of being done with me.  She said I still have thousands to help.

We continued dating and as I
talked to a gentleman in the support group I was attending and told him
of my idea of proposing he was so very happy.  I kept thinking about it
and the next week he gave me a 2.07 carat diamond in a wedding band. 
He explained to me that the ring was his wife's, who had died of cancer
a year earlier and he wanted me to give it to my sweetheart and pop the
question.  He told me when he handed me the ring and it was clutched in
my hand with both of his around mine, he said you are going to be just
fine, I can feel it in my Spirit, this ring is not given in vane, but
to a couple that will celebrate their 50TH Anniversary, he added Fifty
years of absolute love of one another and one of so much joy, he let go
of my hand and said it is only happy tears from here on.

I went and had the ring
re-mounted to a more modern style and it was so very gorgeous.  The
night came and I asked her and we both cried and hugged, I guess that
is the happy tears from here on  part he told me.

I stopped Chemotherapy the
next day, I had been going for almost three years four times a week. 
The Doctor, told me he was not going to sit around and watch a 44 year
old waste away.  He said He has watched me loose 60lbs (and I was slim
at the time before I got sick.) He has stuck around and I see him every
two to three months.

I am gaining weight like
crazy and believe the way my dear wife does and that is God is a long
way from being done with me.  I have never felt better or known love
and happiness as I have since taking my beautiful, wonderful Carla as
my wife.

It took a few months before I
was ready to  try riding my horses again. (Something I had lost all
hope in ever doing again.)  They were my life, I was the World Champion
in 96.

Last Spring I said why don't
we go for a ride and we have been riding almost everyday in the Spring,
Summer and Fall and every semi warm Winter day.

I can never look at that Hugh
diamond without thinking, I did not choose to live with cancer, however
my wife did.  What a lady of 100% Faith, she will not allow me to speak
anything about not feeling good, or hurting and the word cancer is not
allowed to spoken within our home.  She also has uplifting,
inspirational music piped in our home 24/7.

How a great big pretty rock, from a man of Faith given to a Lady of Faith has changed every moment of my life.


God bless,

Dr. Bryan G Howard