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Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

My story isn't one of romance but it is one of
My mother and I were out one day and we stopped by the
jewelry mart in our town and we were looking around. My mother was never one to
buy herself anything, I mean anything. But she caught her eye on a beautiful
diamond ring. She looked at it for the longest time. Months later when she and
her husband decided to divorce I said to her "you should go trade your wedding
ring in that one at the jewelry mart" and her face lit up.
Well, let me backtrack, 6 months before her husband left
her she was diagnose with pancreatic cancer and was told that she was terminal.
So needless to say every moment with her wash precious to me.
So we went the next week and traded her old wedding ring
in on that diamond. Her face was happy. The happiest I had seen it since her
diagnosis. She wore that ring everyday for two more years. She took it off on a
Wednesday night and she took herself to the hospital as I was at work with
a client and my sister could not be reached. I went to the hospital after I got
the phone call that she was there. She was gravely ill but still able to take
out her makeup bag and retouch her makeup. My mother was a young 55 year old
woman that was just beautiful. She looked at me and said "I left my diamonds at
home." I could barely hold back the tears. Just before her doctor gave her the
morphine for pain she said "Wendyann, you keep that diamond, don't bury me in
it." The next night we brought her home and she passed away on hospice. I
wore her diamond to the funeral with such pride.
My boyfriend at the time (now my husband) was talking of
marriage and I planned to wed in her diamond. Unfortunately we went on a weekend
trip to the Colorado River and low and behold the diamond slipped off my
finger into the River and was gone. I was heart broken, even sick over this. But
my cousin called and said to me, the diamond was meant to be with your
mother. So it slipped off your finger so that like her it could be
I am still very sad about losing it but in some strange
sense I believe she has it on and that she still looks at it everyday and
Thank you!

Wendyann Tillery