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Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

I have a special jewelry story.  Four years ago, my father died
suddenly.  It was such a shock and tragedy.  He was only 49.  My whole
family took it really bad.  But I think I took it the worst, since he
died at my house and I found him.  That night after we all left the
hospital, my mother came into my room and sat on my bed.  She looked so
sad, I will never forget that look.  She took my hand and gave me hers
and my fathers wedding rings.  I looked at her in shock.  She said he
would want you to have them.  I told her I would treasure them
forever!  One of my sisters was upset she did not get one.  She just
got engaged, and I went to my mother and said maybe we should give "Lu"
your engagement ring.  My mother said OK, if it is alright with you. 
It wasn't but I loved my sister so I said OK.  To make a long story
short.  A year later my sisters marriage didn't work out.  I noticed
she didn't wear the ring anymore, so I asked her where it was?  She
said "away".  Well come to find out she pawned it!  How could she of
did this!  I was so upset.  I prayed to my father to bring the ring
back to me where it belonged!  With the other rings.  Three months
later, my mother called me.  She said "guess what?"  I said what?  She
said I got the ring back!!!.  I was shock and asked her how?  The ring
she had was specially made and one of a kind.  She said a friend of
hers was shopping and spotted it in a pawn shop and recognized it as my
mothers and bought it!  To this day I still think my father sent her
friend into that shop that day!  Thanks DAD!!

Gina Benway