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The sweet and subtle power of an anniversary band

Many men are at a loss when it comes to buying a gift for their wives (no shocker, right?). This can often be a source of dissension since wives generally expect something personal and meaningful (again, no shocker).

Enter the anniversary ring, stage right!

Packed with meaning and romance, anniversary rings are an ideal gift. And for obvious reason: think of how she reacted when she saw the engagement ring you bought her. An anniversary ring signifies love and honor. An anniversary ring says “I would propose to you again today if I could.”

Our advice (which we can happily help you with in person or over the phone): choose an anniversary ring that pairs nicely with the wedding and engagement rings. Generally, women with simpler wedding bands like the added sparkly “oomph” of an anniversary band with a little more embellishment. Eternity bands are also a popular choice.

While some women will wear anniversary bands alongside their engagement and wedding rings, others wear their new anniversary band on the third finger of their right hand instead of their left. Others choose to wear the anniversary ring in place of their wedding or engagement rings.

Bottom line: don’t purchase any old gift for an anniversary. Make it count. This also provides you more leeway for future anniversaries if you just buy flowers and chocolate!