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Dare to Wear your Least Favorite Color

Most of us have a pretty good idea when it comes to colors that don’t look good on us. And for good reason: we’re probably right! For me, yellow makes me look washed out, sallow. Certain shades of green bring out an undertone in my skin that I’d prefer stay under.

But are we attached too deeply to these long-held beliefs? Do we become so embedded in these “fashion rules” that we refuse to make any colorful change? And do we deny ourselves the opportunity to embrace a color simply because we decided years ago, it doesn’t work well on us?

There’s an interesting challenge when we wear a color we don’t like: how can we look good in it anyway? Every color can be enhanced and adapted by the jewelry and accessories we wear, the other colors we pair with it and our make-up.

With Spring here, dare to wear a color that challenges you. Let your imagination work with the color and not against it. You’ll be surprised: that color might not look as bad on you as thought!