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Fashion Advice

  • How do Fashion Trends Develop?


    Did you ever wonder what makes a certain jewelry or fashion choice “hot” only to find out next season, it’s “not” anymore? There’s some interesting science and history to trends that show how we work as a social unit:

    Since the 14th century, according to Bustle:

    Fashion trends were basically designed to show how much extra money and leisure time you had — and to emulate the people at the very top of society, usually the royal court. A person who could discard an entire costume for something else after only a few weeks — or days — clearly had both funds and hours to burn. And, obviously, the royal family and their celebrities were the celebs of the day, so ordinary people followed suit. It’s what’s called the “trickle-down” theory of fashion trends: that people wanted to look wealthier, cooler, and more powerful than they actually were.

    Hmmm…that’s kind of depressing! One would like to believe trends are born out of a need for change and creative expression that represent our changing times, not “let’s where what the Queen’s wearing.”

    Perhaps the answer lies between the two worlds. Sure, there’s a “follower mentality” when it comes to trends but just as likely, there are born innovators who see trends as an opportunity to express and incite change.

    What’s your “trend”? Is there a particular style or fashion choice that seems distinctly you–one you don’t see others wearing? What innovative choices can you make with your look today?

    Dare to Wear Differently! 

  • How to stop being so matchy matchy



    If you’re anything like me, matching colors when you dress has been kinda hardwired into you. At an early age, I heard my mother admonishing me when it came to color coordination.

    Whether it was making sure I didn’t wear white after Labor Day or making sure my pocketbook (or purse, as she called it) matched my shoes, color coordination was a very real thing: hard and fast rules you simply had to follow. (Don’t get me started on the matching outfits my sisters and I occasionally had to wear.)

    But as I got older and witnessed my share of fashionistas, I noticed something simply heretical: they wore colors that weren’t matchy matchy at all!

    What is matchy matchy exactly?

    According to the Urban Dictionary:

    Often used in fashion blogs. Used to describe an outfit that is too coordinated and consists of too many of the same types of colours, patterns, fabrics, accessories, designer pieces, thematic elements, etc. Can also be used in reference to interior design.

    These fashionable types actually defied matchy matchy. Colors that seemed horrible together (lime green and pink, for instance) suddenly seemed…cool.

    Was my mother wrong? 

    No, not entirely. The basics of color coordination do matter. But pushing past those rules matters too. Now I try to have fun with my little “color rebellion”, right down to my choice of jewelry (mismatched earrings, for instance). I pick colors that don’t “match” in the true sense of the word but compliment and add depth instead.

    My advice: take more chances with color. Dare to wear competing colors or designs. The main thing: wear your outfit with pride since that’s what really shines through.


  • How to Throw an Ear Party

    The message is clear: all old earring “rules” are done and dusty. Same and simple is dull. Make room for more experimentation and creativity when decorating your ears. Throw an ear party! 

    This fun (and well-edited) video showcases the many ways you can experiment with various earrings types and sizes, including popular statement earring looks.

  • How to Sport a Choker

    Chokers are a must-have for any fashionable femme fatale. They’re simple and accent the face romantically and gracefully. The best part? It doesn’t take much to create a number of fashionable chokers–just a visit to a material store, for starters.

    Here are some other cool choker suggestions:


  • Dare to Wear your Least Favorite Color

    Most of us have a pretty good idea when it comes to colors that don’t look good on us. And for good reason: we’re probably right! For me, yellow makes me look washed out, sallow. Certain shades of green bring out an undertone in my skin that I’d prefer stay under.

    But are we attached too deeply to these long-held beliefs? Do we become so embedded in these “fashion rules” that we refuse to make any colorful change? And do we deny ourselves the opportunity to embrace a color simply because we decided years ago, it doesn’t work well on us?

    There’s an interesting challenge when we wear a color we don’t like: how can we look good in it anyway? Every color can be enhanced and adapted by the jewelry and accessories we wear, the other colors we pair with it and our make-up.

    With Spring here, dare to wear a color that challenges you. Let your imagination work with the color and not against it. You’ll be surprised: that color might not look as bad on you as thought!


  • Winning poses for ANY photo!

    We all know the feeling. Someone takes a photo of you and you think you’re doing all the right things but the final result is, well…not exactly what you expected. Its discouraging and can wreak havoc on your confidence.

    Why not take a few pointers from a pro so you can put your best foot forward the next time someone grabs a shot of you?

  • How to look more “expensive” when you dress

    Good fashion doesn’t have to cost a lot (of course–that’s why we love moissanite so much. More bling for your buck!).

    This video provides excellent advice on fashion and jewelry that adds a certain panache to just about any look.

  • How to “restyle” old clothes

    Wait! Don’t toss out those old jeans! Well maybe…they are looking a little worn for the wear. But don’t toss out that old sweater! Sure, you might feel done with it but why not give it one more chance to shine?

    This video addresses simple ways in which you can jazz up those old clothes. (Hint: jewelry always updates an old look.)

  • Dare to take up some space on your ring finger!

    Stacking rings has been trending for quite some time now. But what we’re seeing that’s equally fun–one ring that occupies more space on the finger and gives the illusion of stacking.

    Often engagement rings are small, delicate. Sure, they may have a powerhouse gem (or if you’re lucky, many) but ultimately, most of the finger real estate is left wide open, right?

    The beauty of a cluster band like the one below? Colored gemstones can work equally well when creating a cluster band (as opposed to simply diamonds).

    Take a look at this recent custommade rings of ours. Considered a cluster band, the many rows and stones create a visual showstopper. Sure, it’s a lot of ring–but for some bling lovers, this is the perfect fit!


  • How to Pair a Strapless Dress with the RIGHT Jewelry

    You might guess that just about any necklace would work with a strapless dress, right? Nope…not entirely. The color of the dress makes a big difference (a brightly colored strapless number might not work as well with a big, bold statement necklace, for example).

    This video provides some quick and easy pointers when pairing your strapless dress with jewelry. The best part with a strapless dress? You have a wide open canvas to work with…so choose wisely!