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How do Fashion Trends Develop?


Did you ever wonder what makes a certain jewelry or fashion choice “hot” only to find out next season, it’s “not” anymore? There’s some interesting science and history to trends that show how we work as a social unit:

Since the 14th century, according to Bustle:

Fashion trends were basically designed to show how much extra money and leisure time you had — and to emulate the people at the very top of society, usually the royal court. A person who could discard an entire costume for something else after only a few weeks — or days — clearly had both funds and hours to burn. And, obviously, the royal family and their celebrities were the celebs of the day, so ordinary people followed suit. It’s what’s called the “trickle-down” theory of fashion trends: that people wanted to look wealthier, cooler, and more powerful than they actually were.

Hmmm…that’s kind of depressing! One would like to believe trends are born out of a need for change and creative expression that represent our changing times, not “let’s where what the Queen’s wearing.”

Perhaps the answer lies between the two worlds. Sure, there’s a “follower mentality” when it comes to trends but just as likely, there are born innovators who see trends as an opportunity to express and incite change.

What’s your “trend”? Is there a particular style or fashion choice that seems distinctly you–one you don’t see others wearing? What innovative choices can you make with your look today?

Dare to Wear Differently!