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When Two Lovers Gaze At Each Others’ Eyes

The eyes definitely have it. Though some exclaim “it’s in his kiss.”

And while these are just expressions, we know there’s a deeper meaning, don’t we? We can go down a checklist of traits we want in a significant other, but when its all said and done, there’s something much more physical and primal about the whole process of love and matchmaking.

And most of us have experienced this. That certain zing we have with a person, even if they don’t contain all the characteristics we want so much in a partner.

Interestingly, there’s science to back it up. Check out this graph:



This graph displays something quite amazing. Its the heart rate of a man and a woman in a romantic relationship, in almost perfect sync with one another. (No wonder there’s so many references to “hearts” when it comes to love. It’s more than just a metaphor!)

According to the study:

This couple was one of the 32 heterosexual couples in a study conducted by physiologies at UC Davis in the US that aimed to see if people in romantic relationships co-regulated their physiologies with their partners. By co-regulated, read change; by physiologies, read heart rates.

In one of the experiments, the couples sat facing each other but just far enough that they would not be able to touch. The researchers asked them to simply stare at one another for three minutes straight in as calm a manner as possible while they monitored the couple’s heart rates.

So the next time you feel your heart race around that certain someone, you can ask yourself, “I wonder if his heart is racing just like mine.” You might be surprised to find out, it is!