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What Jewelry did the Flappers Wear?

The 1920’s were a period of tremendous social change and nowhere was this seen more in the unique and bold fashion choices for women.

Jewelry was not based on function. No longer design was determined by the cost of the materials. “In addition,  by focusing attention on the design rather than the intrinsic value or materials, the Art Nouveau movement of the late 19th and early 20th century had already suggested that jewelry need not act as a three dimensional bank statement, but instead could be worn purely for its decorative qualities. – A Collectors Guide to Costume Jewelry. Tracey Tolkin

And to this day, some of the same fashion rules apply. Jewelry needn’t be an indicator of wealth, but of personality, of expression. Here are some examples of fashion from the 1920’s. Note how “everything old is new again” since many of these trends exist to this very day.


Statement earrings anyone?

When do strings of pearls ever go out of fashion?

Statement hats…and more pearls, of course.

Chandelier earrings…and Princess Leia buns, way ahead of their time!