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Understanding Metal Finishes on Jewelry

Metal finishes on jewelry are commonly used in jewelry making and gives the metal a shiny, highly reflective look. But finishes can also be used to reduce shine and create a matte look (which accentuate gemstones like diamonds).

Brushed finishes are another technique that give jewelry a textured look and are created by brushing a material (like with sandpaper) against the metal, leaving stylish brush strokes.

Hammered finishes are relatively self-explanatory. They’re created by using a round hammer and give jewelry a distinctive wavy texture.

There are other interesting and creative finishes, such as stone finish or glass blasted, each creating its own particular look.

What finish is right for you? Like a thumbprint, each finish is unique and individual. When looking at the chart below, decide which ones speak to you and match your personality and lifestyle!