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The Touching Beauty of Mourning Jewelry

Since the beginning of humankind, death has been memorialized with  jewelry. Whether pieces of jewelry were included in the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh or worn by a queen after her king has died, it’s a natural extension of mourning.

More specifically, mourning jewelry has been around since at least the 16th century. It’s most closely associated with the Victorian era, worn by Queen Victoria and her court, after the death of  England’s Prince Albert.

Hairwork was a common practice when creating mourning jewelry. Necklaces, braclets, rings and brooches often contained woven human hair (not necessarily from the deceased interestingly enough. Hair was often imported into the UK for mourning jewelry).

Victorian Mourning Jewelry Brooch: Hair inside – hair outside Lori McLean: Mourning Jewelry

Amazing mourning jewelry made with human hair.


Jet mourning brooch.

Source: Collector’s Weekly