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What do Queen Victoria and Gwen Stefani have in Common?

Joseph Schubach Jewelers can create pieces made in your mind’s eye: from a stunning moissanite solitaire necklace to a heirloom-inspired engagement ring. We’re in step with any current jewelry trends as well, such as the very “in” charm bracelets.

Charms are all the rage this season, popularized by pop star Gwen Stefani. Though of course, they’ve been in vogue for quite some time.

According to one Victorian website:

Queen Victoria may also get the lion’s share of credit for popularizing the charm bracelet and charm necklace, as we know it. She had a series of charms designed and produced to give as gifts to her extended family and circle of friends every New Year.

In 1861, Prince Albert died, and again Queen Victoria influenced the direction of jewelry design and production. She went into permanent mourning- only wearing black clothing and black jewelry for the rest of her life.

For several years all of England followed her example. Jet, a fossilized driftwood, suddenly became the material of choice for jewelry.  And what a stroke of luck that was for the good people of Whitby, on the coast of Yorkshire. They were sitting on the finest Jet deposits of the world. Carved Jet chains, Jet Crosses, Jet pins and earrings – indeed every style heretofore offered in colorful gems, glass and metal, were now produced in Jet.

Victorian double strand of jet beads and an ivory cherub brooch worn by Her Royal Highness. The Princess Louise, Marchioness of Lorne. She was the 4th of Queen Victoria’s daughters.
A vintage Charm piece from the Victorian era

Today’s Charm Bracelet