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Comfortable Jewelry for Sensitive Fingers

We’ve said it before: jewelry is a highly personal choice. And not just because it signifies love and personal taste. You also will be wearing the jewelry frequently (we hope) and it has to fit your particular lifestyle. (Think of the jewelry you don’t wear as frequently because its uncomfortable or hard to put on.)

Rings–especially engagement rings and wedding bands–need to be particularly comfortable. Consider the frequency that you use your hands. That ring is always coming along for the ride, right?

Here are some pointers if you’re looking for a beautiful and comfortable ring:

  • Thinner bands tend to be more comfortable. (Simply put, there’s less weight on the hand.)

  • Comfort-fit wedding bands are a little more expensive than non-comfort-fit wedding bands (because of the extra metal required to make the inside of the ring domed) but they are built for comfort.

  • Some pave rings can have a “rough” feel that may or may not suit you. The same applies with rings with side stones. Try one on a wear for a little while. You can tell quickly whether a pave ring will be right for you.

  • Habituation helps. Over time, most pieces of jewelry will grow on you. If there’s a blingy ring you simply must have, don’t deny your heart! Give it some time and soon, that ring will feel like a natural extension of you.

  • Talk to us. We understand the importance of a comfortable ring and exact sizing. Let an experienced jeweler (insert us here) guide the way and you’re that much closer to a comfortable fit.

main view of Comfort Fit Engagement Ring With Channel Set Round Brilliant Side Stones

Comfort Fit Engagement Ring With Channel Set Round Brilliant Side Stones

Comfort fit channel set engagement ring with just under 1/2ct t.w. round brilliant side stones. (setting only, does not include center stone