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How to Start your Week Feeling Beautiful

Monday is a notoriously tricky day when it comes to self-confidence. Generally we’re lacking in energy and focus. We don’t hit the ground running but crawl out of bed, grab some coffee and hope for the best.

Most of us dislike the daunting task of dealing with our lives again after a weekend off.

But there’s still a way to feel good about yourself even if you would prefer to crawl under the covers and wait it out until Tuesday.

1. Go easy on yourself. Productivity is not at its peak on Mondays. If we allow ourselves to ease into the week instead of putting undo pressure on ourselves, we discover productivity on a more subtle level. Allow yourself more time to get to work, for instance. If you have five things on your to-do list, see if one or two can wait until Tuesday. Don’t feel like you have to get it all done; simply and gently touch in on the week ahead.

2. Take some time for your spirit. Most of us roll out of bed and mindlessly begin the week. But if we take a few minutes to meditate, pray or journal, we find ourselves feeling more balanced and in-tune. Does meditation elude you? Then simply listen to a relaxing song or stare out the window, trying not to fixate on one thought. Breathe deeply and exhale out any stale energy.

3. Wear something comfortable and pretty. Most of us have a few articles of clothing that we simply enjoy wearing. Like a colorful silk scarf. Or a piece of jewelry that makes us feel safe and loved. Whatever you have in your fashion arsenal, wear it. This outside-in approach helps us ease into the week comfortably and stylishly.

So find your own pace at the beginning of the week. Don’t impose too much. Think “ease into it” instead of “take care of it all.”