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Not Feeling Pretty? Try This!

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We live in a world that makes us believe in something as impossible as physical perfection. And that’s no surprise. We all know how mass media and other external forces can do a number on our self-esteem, even though we cognitively realize the bar is set unrealistically high.

So how do you deal with those times when you’re not feeling pretty and perfectly…imperfect? Do you “fake it til you make it” or do you simply accept that it’s all right to not feel your best?

Many advocate the “fake it til you make it” approach. Don’t feel good? Dress up and carry yourself with confidence and authority anyway. It will eventually and magically seep into your psyche and you’ll feel better about yourself.

And while that sounds good on paper, its not always the easiest thing to do. Why? Because “faking it” requires effort and when you’re not feeling so good about yourself, its hard to muster that extra oomph that forced confidence would require.

How about a gentler approach?

If you’re not feeling good about your physical appearance, what would you wear to comfort yourself? What small beautification ritual can you undertake that lifts your spirits even a little (hint: lipstick or a beloved piece of jewelry)? What ways can you work to accept and nurture your inner feelings instead of having to force a change upon them?

When we’re not feeling good about our external appearance, we’re often experiencing internal conflict as well. It might be time to withdraw, nurture and nurse yourself into inner beauty.

Acceptance = the most beautiful act we bestow upon ourselves.