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How to Change the Critical Voice Inside and Radiate Beauty Naturally

When we have an issue with our body image, we tend to focus on physical ways in which to improve it, like joining a gym or cosmetic surgery or buying new clothes and jewelry. But in reality, an inside out approach is a much more sound way to increase your inner worth which eventually spills outward.

So the next time you’re feeling that your appearance is somehow not quite enough, try these quick and easy tips:

List your top 3 personality traits. This is often easier to do than listing our favorite physical attributes. Maybe you think you’re naturally funny or genuinely kind. Write out these traits in as much detail as possible with a few examples to prove your own point.

Practice inner peace. When we’re feeling that we’re not quite enough, its because we’re often subject to a thousand voices in our head, critiquing and judging. By taking 5 or 10 minutes out of the day to simply mediate or pray, we calm those inner voices and radiate a different type of beauty–one that can’t be bought.

Embrace imperfections. Think of the people in your life whom you love. Undoubtedly you’re not very hard on their imperfections. Often its those little “flaws” that make them so endearing. When you begin to realize the natural, raw beauty of imperfections, you go easier on yourself and that ease translates into prettiness from the inside.

The time has come to stop reaching for a level of perfection that simply can’t be attained. It’s an endless race that leaves us exhausted and never feeling quite enough. So practice these internal suggestions and give yourself a beauty break!