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How to Recover from a Lost Piece of Jewelry

Losing an engagement or wedding ring or any other significant piece of jewelry can be a devastating loss. Many experience immense guilt for being careless and bemoan the loss, often for years. So what can you do to move on, after you’ve lost something so precious to you?

Remember that you’re human. And as such you make mistakes. Instead of internalizing the loss of a favorite piece of jewelry (aka beating yourself up), acknowledge that every one of us makes mistakes. If a friend lost a favorite ring, you wouldn’t think any less of her or him, right? Accept you failabilities and don’t be hard on yourself.

Allow for grief. Most people think of grief only when it comes to the loss of a loved one. But its alright to grieve over an object. Just do it in a healthy manner. Remember what the piece of jewelry signified to you, pour over the memories, cry if you need to. Jewelry can represent a phase of your life; acknowledge that phase with respect.

It’s alright to replace. Nothing will ever completely replace a lost engagement ring but its alright to try! Just as a lost necklace can symbolize old memories, a replacement piece can represent a new phase in your life.

Nothing is easy about a lost piece of jewelry that you love. But remember the most important thing: don’t be angry with yourself. It’s amazing, considering the extensive wear of our favorite pieces, that we’ve kept them this long. Celebrate its presence in your life and move on. Because guess what? You can’t take it with you anyway.