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3 Good Reasons NOT to Propose on Christmas

Listen, we love romance here at Joseph Schubach Jewelers. It’s the reason we’ve been in business for over 100 years! But we also like to play devil’s advocate occasionally. Guest blogger Beth Mann came up with these 3 reasons not to propose over the holidays.

1. Holidays are stressful enough! Seriously, between overspending, strained family dynamics and your drunken Uncle Harold, do you really want to add popping the question to the mix?

2. Engagements should be their own “holiday.” Why not propose on a day that is meaningful to the two of you, like the day you met or the first time you saw Lord of the Rings together? Or if you truly want it to be a surprise, why not choose an arbitrary day, like, say, Arbor Day?

3. A Christmas memory to forget. And of course, there’s a chance she may say no (even to you, Prince Charming). From that point on, Christmas will be a constant reminder of the day your heart was crushed like a cheap tree ornament.

Of course, we say if you’re inspired to propose over the holidays, go for it. But be aware or it could be very ho, ho, horrible!