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Is Romance Good for your Health?


Is romance good for your health or does it just make us feel amazing?


Before we get into the science behind it, harken back to the last time you experienced a big dose of romance in your life. Hopefully, you’re still living the dream, but if not: gently recall how it made you feel physically.

Often in love, we feel lighter, more energized. Its as if the spring if in our step returns and somehow, we feel younger, brighter and excited about life again.

In love, we also tend to feel more relaxed. Those little niggling experiences of daily life seem to be less important. We feel softened with an increased resilience and openness to others. Our heart feels full.

In one study, researchers uncovered that people in the thralls of romance had lower blood pressure when interacting with that special other. That’s because our body also releases “feel good” hormones like oxytocin and dopamine when in their presence. Love is Popeye’s spinach for the heart!

Apparently having “chemistry” with someone can be quite literal.


Fresh, new love also may shield us against stress. Which makes sense, right? “Nothing can stop me now” chants in your brain when you feel emboldened by love.

Okay, what if you don’t have someone to increase your heart health?


That’s where self-love comes into play. When we treat ourselves the way we want to be treated by others, those physical benefits of love can be duplicated. Imagine a night alone, with candles burning, a hot bath and a glass of wine nearby. Sure, you may be experiencing the evening alone, but your heart feels the sensations of romance and celebrates by sending relaxing messages to your heart and mind.

Love is a state of mind. Love is also a state of body. Dare to let it in when it knocks at your door. Meanwhile, romance can be created whenever you feel in need!