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C.M. The MC-ooiebelle Ring

My little MC-Ooiebelle…what can I say? When I look down on my finger, I see my family, my hubby and my girls. M is for Matt, my husband who drew out the fantastic sketch for the ring (he’s an artist) and helped me design it, C is for me, Carla. Ooie is the nickname for my first-born Alejandra who is two. And Belle, for my second sweetie who was born the day after I commissioned the ring and approved the CAD.

All the pink touches represent my girls and myself: the unhidden pink persimmons, each for my growing princesses, and the pink diamond in the under bezel for me, the queen. (My husband is the king of the castle ;).

I have always loved pink diamonds and I finally have one. I pull the ring off my finger sometimes and just study it… yes, it is more than I could have ever hoped for…just like my family.