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C.A. Ring Redesign


Beth, my drums are ROLLING !!!!! How absolutely gorgeous…

JUST what I had in mind. Oh dear I feel 20 yrs old again. And didn’t my diamonds look HUGE …WOW. The design is perfect for me..I knew it would be from the CAD. Now it is even more so !!!! The ring was awesome the first time and has transitioned into a Heavenly body. I can’t wait to try it on.

Thank-you all from the bottom of my heart for one of the best experiences ever..Between the making of the ring and the making of friends; I feel lifted.

Beth you are too wonderful for words..Joe, you are lucky to have such a patient customer service woman in Beth. And I am lucky to have you Joe as a designer who reads  people so well.

I will be thinking of future projects for Joe Schubach jewelers!!!

I think it’s time to celebrate with a ‘whipped cream’ vodka martini.

Kisses and hugs ,