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A Surprise Wedding for Kristina

Here at Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we witness a fair amount of moving engagement stories. Each one is like a thumb print, distinctly individual.

Our friend and client Kristina shared with us her special story that we'd like to, in turn, share with you. We worked on her ring, a family heirloom of Kristina's that was in need of some TLC (pictured below.) That ring became part of a rather sudden wedding ceremony that, ironically, her and her husband had been planning for years:

Dear Friends:
Many of you know about the history of our LONG engagement due to the car accident, attempt in Vegas, busy schedules, one bizarre intervention or another, etc. So I wanted to provide you all with the latest up date.
It was a HUGE surprise to me as well.
Brent decided he would "take me to lunch" since he hasn't seen me very much over the past 2 weeks due to our work schedules (scary when we live in a the same house!) We have been trying for 3 1/2 yrs and have had 4 marriage licenses (they expire after 90 days) and countless event location rescheules all due to our crazy schedules.
SO, he kidnapped me (so to speak). I told him I only had 30 minutes because of all the fires with a client's risk/payment issues and the program shutdown. So he asked that I dress nice (business casual) we picked up our friend who is a minister, and then his best friend who was the best man. I was busy on the phone and working and didn't realize everyone had on suits until his best friend brought out his mega camera with tripod. At that point, I asked WHAT THE HECK is going on?? Are we doing lunch? I need to get back to the office. 

That is when, Brent told me were going to get our marriage license (again) and we were getting married TODAY, one way or another. So I was speechless. The only thing I could say was okay then, since this will take a while, we need to go back to the house so I can grab my laptop so I can work on this client's issue until we get ready to tie the knot.

After we got our license, with the minister and the best man as witnesses, we went back home so I could grab my laptop and change into a nice ivory suit then we were off to the NC Museum of Art. We married on their lawn in front of the sculptures there. The most appropriate sculpture was the "3 Rings of Life" (gigantic iron rings coming up out of the ground) Great symbolism – the rings behind us as a backdrop while we said our vows and the rings on our fingers. Kinda cool.

We are planning to have the "big shin dig" which everyone will be invited to! Hopefully it won't take us 3-4 yrs. to make it happen.

 Here ya go.. proof this is not a mirage/hoax… it truly did happen:


Brent and Kris'…ngs 2.26.09

Brent and Kris_… up_2.26.09
Brent an_…ISS_2.26.09