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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Yep, it’s tomorrow. And some men, well, they aren’t known for their planning abilities. Well here are a few fun, easy ideas that don’t cost much and require little planning. Leave it to USNews to have such practical suggestions for the budget conscious!

For the Homebody: Movie Night

Hosting an at-home movie night is a tried-and-true method to saving money on Valentine’s Day. Bring over a library of your other half’s favorite movies (yes, even The Notebook, if applicable) or stream movies through Netflix.

To make this date idea appear pre-planned, quickly cultivate a queue of movies in your Netflix account to show that you’ve been thinking about this special day all along.

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For the Beachcomber: Midnight Stroll

Last-minute Valentine’s Day planners can take advantage of natural (and free) resources like the beach for an evening escapade. Instead of wasting funds on overpriced venues, bringing your significant other on a midnight walk along the shore can lead to a memorable experience without a hefty bill.

For added adventure, find a destination beach location about one to two hours away to serve as a mini getaway from your everyday scene. Your sweetie will surely be impressed by the spontaneous surprise up your sleeve.

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For the Artistic Soul: Art Exhibit

Free and fun date ideas are even available in your own city. Scope out incredible savings by looking into art exhibits in town, from major museums to a local art galleries, for a culturally enriching Valentine’s Day date.

Many art events are free and do not require an RSVP. An added perk to taking on this fun date idea is that most art shows offer complementary wine or champagne and hors d’oeuvres. To find an assortment of art shows near you, search your newspaper’s local section and peruse city and art gallery websites for upcoming events.

We’re going to add our own tip here: simply send your loved one the link to our website and tell her she can spend X amount on whatever piece stirs her soul. We have a vast selection of amazing pieces to choose from. That way, you didn’t take a chance on a piece that she might not like and you still made it under the Valentine’s Day deadline!


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