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This Valentine’s Day, Some Women May be Dissapointed

We’ve heard it from our clients a lot over the years: their significant other gave them something a little…offbase for Valentine’s Day, when they really wanted jewelry. A toaster, a pair of gloves, French lessons….the list goes on. Most women would like jewelry. It means something to them; it symbolizes his feelings for her. Unfortunately this year, according to JCK Magazine, a substantial amount of women might be a little letdown:

Ranking second to jewelry were the other Valentine’s Day staples, flowers or chocolate, favored by 20 percent. Some 9 percent of women preferred perfume, and only 8 percent said the “latest technology product.”

Yet, despite this preference, another survey predicts that not every woman will receive the jewelry she wants on Feb. 14.

According to the American Express Spending & Saving Tracker, 29 percent of consumers are giving flowers for Valentine’s Day this year, with 19 percent giving gift cards, and only 15 percent giving jewelry.

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