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Revisiting Jewelry Trends 2012

We mentioned jewelry trends for this upcoming season several months ago. But (no shock) – they change. Here’s an interesting article that gives you some guidelines as you peruse our site. And as always, thanks for taking the time to read our blog and be our client! Happy New Year to you all!

Chunky & Large Metals

Huge and bold ornaments are in this time and ideas such as “not enough” and “much more a lot more-ness” is definitely desirable. Decadently embellished items having drama and generating a main statement will be the showstoppers everyone is hunting. Also, enormous (and expensive!) metal pieces as the giant curb link necklace pieces created by Kenneth J. Lane and other designers are really in. 


Antique/Vintage/Retro & New Combinations

Absolutely everyone loves the look of antique, vintage and retro jewelry and now the most recent trend is to thoughtfully mix these and make a new and imaginative item as one. Jewelry designers, say, Elizabeth Locke and Roberto Coin are beautifully infusing their new concepts and marrying them to antique and vintage that seems to be and the resulting styles are perfect.

Dramatic, Special and “Restructured” Necklaces

As opposed to the 60s when the huge brooches and pins are the key component in one’s individual adornment. Now is the necklace. The bib necklace started to grow in the hearts of many at least 3 years ago and evidently, these are still very influential today and in fact evolved to different stand-out pieces like over-the-top multi-chain neckpieces, fabric-made, etc.

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An example of a bib necklace.


Fake & Genuine Pearls

Pearls yell pure classicism. For centuries they have been hugely desired for their natural class and exclusive appeal. Used in the Victorian Era, pearls have evolved from simple one-strand to numerous layers and layers of beautifully hand crafted balls. Even Cartier has revived their classic styling in a lot more eye catching pearl with diamonds as added details. Pearls can be worn with edgy metals and other ornaments to have that feel of “warrior princess” but still exuding glamour.


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