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Freshwater Pearls – Not the Rick Krispies of Yesteryear

Years ago, freshwater pearls meant poor quality “rick krispies” type pearls. Not anymore. The past ten years has seen amazing improvements in the process and cultivation of freshwater pearls. So now, we have at our fingertips (and our necklines) a higher quality pearl that rivals its saltwater counterpart.

We don’t sell anything unless we review it in-depth first and these opulent pearls make a great gift for just about any woman. And affordable. Mom? Perfect. Wife? She’ll love them. 

And the colors? Most aren’t aware of the fun colors that freshwater pearls come in. Our staff particularly like the rich chocolate brown pearls. But black is a stunner as well. Give them a try this holiday. It’s an “across the board” likable – and high-quality – gift.


Starting at $79