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Rings of WesChess

Hi Joe,
Apparently Kim says that she knows me too well and expected she may get her ring, so she also brought my ring on the trip!  I gave her the ring in the fresh mountain air near a bubbling creek in Silverton, CO and as soon as I placed it on her finger she accepted with one condition, which is when she pulled out my ring and gave it to me.  She is sneaky!  She said she couldn’t wait until our November Carribean trip as she originally planned and that she didn’t want me to be without my ring if she had hers.
At any rate, we are both absolutely thrilled with our rings.  They are amazing, incredibly brilliant, and we have received so many compliments on them.  It’s great to finally see our visions come to life and the complete product totally finished.  I would highly recommend moissanite and palladium to any budget or eco-conscious buyer, the stones and metal are outstanding and beautiful!
Thank you for your ongoing patience, support, and guidance through the process.  It made all the difference to have someone of your nature to work with, we had a wonderful experience and are very grateful that we selected Schubach Jewelers.
Happily newly engaged,
Noel & Kim  :)