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Good Moissanite Story to Tell?

Moissanite is our number one diamond alternative here at Joseph Schubach Jewelers. And for good reason: We’re seasoned jewelers who understand the difference between a viable and remarkable diamond alternative and one that is simply beneath our standards.

We also understand the global community in which we live: moissanite provides a diamond alternative that is ecologically wise, all the while maintaining its strength and brilliance.

Moissanite stories

Recently we were approached by, who asked us for our best moissanite stories. Where to begin? There are hundreds to tell: couples who saved money on their wedding costs while never compromising taste or a dream piece of jewelry created by our custom jewelery designers that just wouldn’t have been possible with naturally mined diamonds.

So what’s your story? We figure it this way: the more positive moissanite stories that are shared, the more people can realize their jewelry dream affordably, without sacrificing quality and contributing to a healthier environment.

Drop by if you have a story to tell.

Style 9920 Round Engagement Moissanite Ring With Side Stones Engagement ring with 2/5ct t.w. pave’ round brilliant side stones. Fits a 7.5mm round center stone.