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I LOVE the necklace!!! Better yet, Catherine LOVES it!!

Here’s a custom jewelry project with a long history. Christine and I have been friends since grade school. We attended Tavan Elementary, Ingleside Middle and Arcadia High schools together. Christine’s parents were customers of my father’s and for Christine’s high school graduation, her parents had a gold and diamond initial pendant made. Now, a “few” years later it’s Christine’s daughter Catherine who is graduating.

So Christine contacted me several weeks before the big day to talk about carrying on the tradition. Her idea was to do something a little more updated; have the piece made in white gold rather than yellow gold and to update the type style somewhat. In addition, she wanted to make it even more personal and special by incorporating diamonds from her collection along with diamonds from her sister, Daphne’s collection (Daphne also received a diamond initial for her high school graduation). The results are below. Click on the images to see larger versions.