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How to Propose with Moissanite

Moissanite is not the same as a naturally-mined diamond. It is a synthetic, lab-created diamond and not considered a fake. This differentiation is important to remember.

Listen, most of us would love nothing more than to give a big rock to our girl for that on-one-knee proposal. But most of us realize that’s financially difficult if not downright impossible.

So how do you broach the topic of buying a moissanite engagement ring with your wife-to-be?

1. Be honest. Don’t tell her its a natural diamond when it’s not. Trust us on this one – it could get you into some serious hot water later on, if she bothers to do some research.

2. Discuss your finances openly. Many feel that talking about the financial aspects of engagement is somehow…not romantic. Well, it may not be wine and roses, but it’s real. The way you handle finances together helps you understand very important lessons about one another. Your partner will respect that you honor her opinion and that you can discuss matters of import.

3. Visit a jeweler. Remember, a qualified jeweler can do a lot of the hard work for you!  He or she will detail the pros and cons of purchasing quality moissanite. The pros include a gem that is as durable and brilliant as a naturally mined diamond, the reminder that moissanite is in fact a diamond and that moissanite is an ecologically-sound and long-lasting alternative.

4. The rock size just grew! That’s right – all of a sudden a bigger stone is a possibility, which for many women is an exciting proposition. By choosing moissanite, shopping for  engagement ring can include a range of beautiful rings with a real “wow” factor.

5. Offer the option of an upgrade in the future. If you’re planning a surprise engagement, go for it! You can explain to her later that you’ve chosen moissanite for the reasons mentioned and if she’s unhappy with it, you can plan an upgrade when finances allow. Chances are, she’ll grow attached to her ring just the way it is…because it came from you. Really, isn’t that the most important part?

The idea here is to embrace the idea of buying moissanite. There’s no need to hide it, like a secret. In a day when naturally-mined diamonds are becoming a questionable prospect ecologically (mining is continuing to damage the earth and cause political disruption), moissanite is a smart, informed choice you can be proud of.

Style 9937-6.5mm

Contemporary Solitaire Engagement Ring

Contemporary solitaire engagement ring. Fits a 6.5mm round stone. (setting only, does not included center stone)