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“Under the Mattress” Gold Helping the Economy

By now, you've heard the commercials and ads: "Sell your unwanted gold jewelry for cold cash!" It's not surprising that this advertising plea is more common during tough economic times where people need the cash and jewelers need the extra business!

In Turkey, exports of "under the mattress" gold, as its called, is actually changing the face of the economy. it is being reprocessed into bullion, dramatically increasing the power of
Turkey’s exports. Exports of pearls and other precious stones are also
on the rise. Last year, the sector as a whole reached $5 billion in
exports, but it has already reached $2.6 billion in the first two
months of this year.

Of course, this isn't a trend seen only in Turkey. The United States and Western Europe are still the biggest export markets,
but countries in the Caucasus and Asia are increasingly important.

What does this mean to you the customer? It might be time to visit that jewelry box of yours and give it a good once over. If there are pieces you've been holding onto that are dated, broken or you just don't like, contact Joseph Schubach Jewelers and we'll turn that unwanted jewelry into cash – or a new piece of jewelry.